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Just a bunch of Musings from Canadian eh?
by MP

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Typing speed etc EDIT


I don't normally bother testing my typing speed even though I normally can type anywhere from 50-60 wpm. Typing classes in high school were always my best subjects.  Anyhow today Valentina had asked me about my typing speed, and I asked why. To my surprise, she said I could do a typing test for her when the time comes for her to apply for a new job which will be in a couple of weeks. And I was told there is a special link to the test I would need to take once Valentina sends me the link. 

I was also surprised to learn from Valentina that she learned that someone else can take a typing test for her and the employee or place of business doesn't care if someone took a typing test for her despite what she is about to apply for. Admin job at the cardiology department at Burnaby Hospital. 

I told Valentina that I would take the typing test for her once after she sends the link to the typing test which I can also do the test at home. Anyhow, to see where my typing speed is at, I went to and registered for a free account there and I did some drills and speed tests where to my surprise I managed to type anywhere from 60wpm to 77wpm with 99 percent accuracy in under 2 minutes typing test. 

I was quite surprised that I even managed to type that fast considering that I hardly use my laptop at all. Another thing I was also surprised to learn is that Valentina only needed a typing speed of 45 wpm for her to apply for the position at Burnaby Hospital which one would think a higher speed of 75 wpm would be more required than just 45wpm, especially at a hospital medical setting. I am also surprised that a hospital doesn't care if someone took a typing test for a potential job applicant. Very unusual in my opinion. 

I just must remind myself to practice typing every day online until it's time for me to do the actual typing test for Valentina. I just hope I don't screw ip with so many mistakes during the test. I notice when I do a typing test, I get nervous, and my fingertips get all sweaty and slippery when I type. 

I know accuracy is more important than speed but still, I don't want to fuck up during the test and then that would prevent Valentina from getting hired at Burnaby Hospital.  However, I do feel it's kind of like cheating if I am going to do a typing test to help Valentina apply for the job she wants though.

I don't know why Valentina can't do the typing test herself, but I am guessing she is too busy with work and taking care of her young daughter Marley that she has no time especially when after the new year Valentina will be going to school online to get her master's in counseling psychology which she wants to become a therapist. 

I will keep you posted on how I do on the actual typing test for Valentina let's hope I don't fuck it up.  


I just did a 5 minute online typing test on and here are the results below:

Typing Test Complete!

You typed the 5-Minute Typing Test.

Your speed was 70 WPM with 99% accuracy! 


previous entry: Trying to book the shot and other things plus photo of late friend Mike

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