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Just a bunch of Musings from Canadian eh?
by MP

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Pi Apple (unpublished Manuscript)


Whenever I happen to look at or be around a piano the word Pi Apple seems to ring in my head off and on. You are wondering where I even had heard such a word, to begin with. Years ago, when my eldest niece Jamie was around two or three years old she couldn’t pronounce the word “Piano” so instead she would refer to it as “Pi Apple” So that was when the word “Pi Apple” was born and even though Jamie had eventually managed to properly learn how to say “Piano” the word “Pi Apple still lingers in my head off and on. 


I also could not find an explanation as to why the piano itself seems to fascinate me ever since I was an incredibly young child, is it the look and feel of the black and white keys on the piano? I honestly cannot say for certain but either way whatever how the piano had managed to intrigue me at least I had managed to develop a gift for not only playing the piano but also my having developed an extremely good ear for music for I have been playing by ear ever since I had discovered I had an ear for music at the age of four.  And to this day my musical ear has continued to remain with me. I recall years ago while I was a noticeably young child my dream was for me to become a famous pianist like the now late performer and pianist by the name of Liberace, but unfortunately due to lack of motivation and discipline for me to sit down and practice every day for an hour for my weekly private piano lessons I end in turn had ended up stopping further musical studies. And it’s a shame because if I had continued with my piano there would have been a good chance I not only could have become a professional pianist but even end up playing for a professional musical orchestra such as the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, the possibilities are endless.  Do I regret having quit piano all those years ago? Yes, because I genuinely believe me being either an author/writer which I already had become an unpublished one, and or even a professional pianist was to be my true career calling for I was to have been given a musical gift for a reason. 


Once or twice a week I do manage to play piano while visiting my mother’s for she has a piano down in her library at her building, and despite I had only three years of piano lessons, I was told by several people who had heard me play state to me that I sound like not only a pianist but also an Elite level performer. When I mentioned to people that I only studied piano for 3 years instead of my whole life, their eyes bugged out in shock as the result of my musical talent. I guess it's partly due to the natural piano skills I had acquired on my own as well as due to some of my piano background combined.


People ask me how do I know which notes to play when playing a song while using my ear, to be honest, I cannot really explain how, but it comes easy if one not only has some musical background but also if one is familiar with various piano chords. All I can say is that my ear helps me with figuring out what notes I need to play in a song that I am learning by ear and that I continually hear music in my head which helps me be able to decipher the notes I need to play on a particular song.

I do not think the word “Pi Apple” will ever die in my mind; I think it will continue to live on within me until the day I die.


previous entry: Are You There God It's Me Margaret (Opinion piece)

next entry: This Is Me And About Who I am ( unpublished manuscript)

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