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Just a bunch of Musings from Canadian eh?
by MP

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Its Monday and all that jazz


It’s Monday and I normally don’t care for Mondays.

I am supposed to get a phone call today from the South Burnaby neighborhood house to discuss my volunteering with Seniors such as my being a senior visitor and a senior peer support worker. I also am hoping I can join the ESL conversation group where I help new English speakers practice their English conversational skills.


In the coming weeks, I am supposed to be working with an organization called Customized Employment once I get my paperwork filled out. It’s an organization that is supposed to help me find work-from-home employment positions that would be accommodating to my job needs.


My mum yesterday had moved to the Seton Villa retirement home for her 6 months trial. I did not want her to move there since now she is so far away from her regular apartment that she is renting to a friend of hers. However, my mum left me the key to her apartment for me to go use the pool gym and piano room, but I don’t think I will go there now that my mum isn’t there anymore.


I really hope my mum decides to come back to her regular apartment in 6 months.


I like how Goodnight Journal has an app, so I don’t have to log into the web version to write in it. 

I just joined another writing site called where I can post some of my stories and also enter some writing contests where I can win money 


I still will write on Bloopdiary despite it’s quite dead there at times and yes, I will write here too so there will be some cross-postings of entries.


Speaking of apps, I uploaded the Dailymotion app to binge-watch the old TV drama series Eight Is Enough and I must say I like the app better than the web version because I noticed that with the app there’s not so much interruption of advertisements while watching an episode.


I also re-signed to sub to Netflix again for the winter. I am hoping then they will have added shows I want to watch such as The Wonder Years.


TV used to be so much better in the '70s and '80s and part of the nineties


I don’t have many plans today except to get some smaller garbage bags and sour cream. Yeah, I know it sounds exciting (sarcasm). Friday, I got my COVID booster shot for the year Uggh not looking forward to it.


For those of you who have not viewed my piano videos, they can be found on TikTok under Tetamarina1966 or on my Instagram under Tetamarina66. Oh, I need to note that I put my Instagram on Private so if you wish to see my piano-playing videos on there you need to send me a follow request.


Another thing for those of you who like to practice your typing there is a good site called it’s free to join and they cater to typists from as young as grade school to adults. They have lessons from beginners to elite typists with lots of speed tests and even typing games. My typing speed is from 55wpm to 70wpm with 98 percent accuracy.


Do any of you use the app threads? It's part of the Instagram app which is sort of like X (formerly Twitter) I don't use it much, but I am also under tetamarina66 on there as well.


I guess that’s it for now. I don’t know when I will be writing next but if you don’t hear from me it usually means that I have nothing to write or say.


I have a question how do you post photos on entries here on Goodnight, Journal? I had forgotten how to do it. Oh, wait never mind I just figured it out.


That’s it for now


previous entry: Goodnight Journal

next entry: It’s OK Tuesday

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