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Just a bunch of Musings from Canadian eh?
by MP

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Hey It’s OK Tuesday


Here is another weekly Segment of Hey It's Okay Tuesday, where I list what I am OK about....

Its okay that I typed  74 wpm with 99 percent accuracy on an online typing test on 

Its okay to not want my mother to move to Seton Villa retirement home. 


It's okay to want to help Valentina by taking her typing test for her new job 


It's okay to be happy that I will get my disability cheque tomorrow and to start catching up on shopping for the things I need to get 


It's okay to find the game of Dominoes to be boring 


Its okay  for me to not have the desire to go to Richmond anymore to visit my 2 other friends who live there since it's not only a hassle to go there travel wise but it will remind me of my late  friend Mike not being there anymore. 

It's ok for me to not be able to attend my nieces wedding in 2024 due to financial barriers 


Its okay to feel that it's pointless and don't see what is the big fuss of how people feel the need and want to get married and have kids where it's so much easier to just live as a common law relationship and to adopt a child from a mother who cannot care for its child.  


It's okay to wish to have a piano or digital piano of my own. 


It's okay for me to want to practice my typing on once a day 


Its okay for me not to want to write on Prosebox anymore due to knowing somebody who writes there and for me to forget I ever once known that person. 

It's okay for me to only  keep Alice and Lily as my only 2 online friends  and for me to not want to meet or have any new potential online friends anymore. 


Its okay for me to had ended my online friendship with Nicole which is a good thing since now  things are quiet without my having to hear or see screenshots  continually be sent to me from Nicole, whereas  my having to read  how certain people who continue to hate and talk shit about me on messenger group chat. And for me to not waste a whole day chatting on Facebook messenger on group or individual chat.  

It's okay for me to try to work on not caring what other people think of me. 


Its okay for me to just only keep in touch with my real life local friends with the exception of also keeping in touch with online friends Lily and Alice 

It's okay for me to forget I ever was online friends with V:H for 25 years.  And for me to realize he was a bully and arrogant prick. And an asshole. 


It's Okay to had felt  suicidal when someone whom I once knew had posted how my mother was disappointed that I did not die after I was born prematurely as well as due to my having had experienced medical complications from my pre term birth. This no doubt regarding my mothers feelings towards me  after my birth was not true and extremely evil and malicious for anyone to say that about anybody. 

Its okay for me to never forget nor forgive V:H for not only  making me feel suicidal  due to him trying to trash my reputation and character as a person but for him  bullying me, by constantly body shaming me.And    for him having created a sick false rumour/lie  about my sleeping with and using my late friend Mike for sex and money. I am so disgusted for anybody to suggest such a thing. Even my own therapist was appalled and said V:H was a jerk for stating such a thing.. Also for me to feel upset for V:H to have continually trash my late friends Mijes memory due to the above mentioned sick rumour about him serially since not only Mike did not do anything to V:H nor had they  never even met or known one another personally So glad V:H is out of my online life. 


Its Okay for  me to not want to accept men I don't know to follow or chst  with me online and that includes other sane gendered people as well unless I give them special permission to follow or chat with me. 


It's okay for me to want to write in and stick to Bloopdiary  since it's so quiet and nobody bothers me  or anyone  else here. 

It's okay to feel relieved after hearing my therapist tell me that I am not a narcissist 

It's ok for me to trying to sort out my life by getting help from WorkBC and to volunteer with seniors 

Its okay to wish there was more people to interact with here on Bloopdiary. 








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