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Just a bunch of Musings from Canadian eh?
by MP

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Decided to Volunteer And all that other Jazz


I had decided to volunteer at other places within my community that is near my home, despite I already am a cat adoption volunteer at my local PetSmart. 


I just emailed the South Burnaby Neighborhood House for several of the volunteer positions I was interested in participating such as: 


Volunteer Senior Peer Support


Volunteer Senior visitor/phone caller


E.S.L. Volunteer Conversation assistant for E.S.L. conversation group that meets once a week every Monday afternoon. 


I am not new to volunteering for I have done various previous volunteer positions such as being a volunteer teaching assistant at local Elementary schools, Volunteering at the local SPCA animal shelter, and even delivering food hampers to local low-income residents who resided near the Richmond Baptist Church here in Richmond, B.C. However, I had later moved out of Richmond to Burnaby three years ago. 


I need to get out of the house to keep busy for it is very depressing for me to always be at home most of the time, I feel that if I volunteer then maybe I can meet new people in my area for friendship because there is nobody that I really know who lives in South Burnaby, and the friends that I do have are all in Richmond who are always busy with jobs, kids, grandkids, etc.  


A good prime example is today its crappy outside weather wise I have nowhere to go, and I am broke to go shopping whether I may need to buy anything, so naturally, I am bored all bloody day.  I haven't been out anywhere since Monday only because I had to go buy some milk and that's it. Yes... Okay, there is the library I can go to but there is nothing for me there, especially since I am not really into reading books. And I am sick of going to |Metrotown Mall. 


So, this is why I need to volunteer to do something weekly to get myself out of the house during the day to keep myself from getting depressed, especially since the loss of my late friend Mike. 


I thought until I could find a part-time paid work-from-home position through the help of the program known as Customized Employment I thought I should at least do some volunteer work which would not only help update my resume but would also make my resume stand out as well.  


Speaking of Customized Employment, it is a program/organization that helps job seekers, especially those with disabilities, find employment positions that help customize their employment needs or accommodations. I have already completed the information paperwork, so I just need to print the paperwork out once after I manage to go buy some new printer ink before dropping the paperwork off to my Job counselor Candace at WorkBC


If you are wondering what a Neighborhood House is it is a community nonprofit organization that has an office in a building in various parts of the city, that provides programs or services for people of all ages including families, individuals, and even newcomers to Canada. Some people even volunteer for their local neighborhood house which I am trying to now get myself set up to do. I already had emailed the coordinator who is responsible for the above-mentioned programs I was interested in volunteering for. 


I wish there were more interactions with other users here on Bloop. I hardly see any new entries on here written by other users. Where is everybody????? 


Anyways if you want to get to know me more you can read the previous posts I had posted. You can also read some of my nonfiction stories on under my pen name of MalaMasa, just sign up for a free account on the site to read and comment on any of my stories there.  

I also joined this app called Bumble BFF which is an app for me to find new friends in my area. I so need new friends where I live because  all my other friends live in Richmond and I just am  not interested in going to see anybody in Richmond anymore due to it being too far and a big hassle to go there and back home by bus. Another thing since Mike died and who also lived in Richmond as well I don't feel I can ever go back to Richmond without my being reminded of him especially when visiting the old hangouts he used to frequent such as the places of businesses at Blundell Centre. And my also being reminded how Mike used to visit me at my old place which was also behind Blundell Centre as well. 

previous entry: I Know I have written alot of entries in one day but....

next entry: A Mother's Lesson To Her Teen

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