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Just a bunch of Musings from Canadian eh?
by MP

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Are You There God It's Me Margaret (Opinion piece)


The above book title is one of the most iconic books ever to had been published whereas it bring resonance to young girls from pre teems to young adolescence throughout the decades, starting from the early 1970’s when the book had first hit the bookshelves within the local public school system. Little did anyone know that decades later the same book would turn into an actual movie which was released in April 2023.  


I had watched the movie Are  You There God It's Me Margaret several times already, and I must say that the movie was a lot better than the book itself but in either case it really covered eveyrthing that was mentioned in Judy's iconic book geared for young girls. The casting of character's in the movie was well done including the well done acting performed by its movie cast altogether.  I overall truly enjoyed the movie.


However, desite the iconic book having turned into a movie the book itself has been banned from several American libraries which I do not quite understand for what is it from Judy Blume's book would be considered objectionable from the reader? Is it beause the author writes about menstruation? If so I find it kind of ridiculous especially since it is not the 1950's anymore, so why does the word menstruation to be treated as if it was still a taboo? After all menstruation is the most normal bodily function in a woman during their teen and childbearing years so again why the issue about it being printed in books?


I believe the book “Are You There God? It’s Me Margaret” was the very first mature book I had read which was geared towards young girls, it was the first book I had ever read that talked about what it was like to get ones own first period, the search of ones own first bra, as well as the constant repeated question one asks oneself “Am I normal?” The book was the actual book that really helped explain as well as prepare the onset of puberty but in a fun and more entertaining way. I recall one of my older sister’s had given me a copy of the above titled book, when I was 12 whereas I guess she felt maybe it was time for me to learn the things pre terms go through.  I in no doubt had read the book and since then I had re read the book over and over again as I grew older whereas the book and the author Judy Blume had become my all-time favorite author. As I had read the book like many of my fellow preteen and teenaged girls I also related to some of what the character “Margaret Simon” had gone through hoping and worrying whether or not she was normal, and when was she going to get her first period or whether or not she was ready to wear her first bra?. I think the book at least for me has become my companion guide to growing up, 


Are You There  God It's Me Margaret had become the first book that really “ GOT REAL” as to what growing up was really all about without any form of censorship.


As the years that had come and gone I always wished that author Judy Blume would write a sequel to “Are You There God It’s Me Margaret it would had been interesting to see the character “Margaret” married and having children herself, as well as her talking to her future daughter’s about puberty and so forth and seeing how she would had talked to her own children about the feelings she had experienced as a pre teen going through puberty, first periods, having crushes on boys, and yes the shopping of the first bra.


As mentioned earlier. The most iconic book in history which was set in the 1970’s had finally become an actual movie which was just released in theatres, and if the movie trailers was as good as it appears to be, then I think the movie itself would become a major hit with young girls and I am sure author Judy Blume would be extremely pleased and happy to see how the enormous popularity of her iconic book had been produced into a major movie.  I myself do hope I can end up going to see the movie as to bring back the nostalgia of my youth of a book that had become a favorite of mine to  this day. I sincerely hope that the movie “ Are You There God, It’s Me Margaret” not only becomes a box office hit, but will also bring nostalgia as well as new memories to new fans of Judy Blume.

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