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Just a bunch of Musings from Canadian eh?
by MP
Hello Everyone

My name is Marina here some of you may recall me having had a cat named Scampie years ago on here. Yes I am the same person from before as mentioned above on this site but decided to come back to give it a go.

I don’t know how often or when I will be writing on Bloop. My life isn’t exactly exciting but exciting or not I will write what comes to mind.

NOTE: I no longer have my cat Scampie anymore for he died back in 2016 at aged 15. And I no longer have the tabby cat Licorice who died previously before my having owned Scampie. You can view Scampies Instagram known as In_Memory_of_Scampie if you wish to view his private account there just send me a follow request on Instagram.


I am almost 57 and as mentioned earlier above I am an old diarist/blooper on here from years ago who decided to come back although do not know how often I will write on here.

I am and still from Canada

I am a cat adoption volunteer at my local Petsmart since 2021

I now have a cat named Wikki since Christmas 2016 who is now 13 years old whom I love to death. He’s a tanned ginger tabby. You can follow his videos on my Tik Tok account under Tetamarina1966. He also has his own private Instagram account known as Lord_mcmeow.. Feel free to send a follow request to follow him there.

I am also a former piano player which some of my piano videos can also be found on Tik Tok also under my account Tetamarina1966. I had written an entry on here at Bloop which talks about my piano background.

I am a published author online at under the pen name of MalaMasa on there. I have not sold my published fiction or non fiction stories yet but they are still there to read and enjoy once one creates a free account on Booksie to read whatever interests you. If you do decide to read any of my stories on Booksie feel free to me a comment or message on Booksie or even on my diary here at Bloop.

I am considered to have a ISFP personality according to Myers Briggs. My personality description can be found on an entry here in my diary.

I do have Instagram where all my selfies and other stuff and if I like you I will personally invite and let you know where to find me on there

If I catch anyone leaving me rude or abusive notes/comments here in my diary they will be blocked and reported to the site admin here. And the same rule applies to any bullying directed towards me as well.

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