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Loving my life as a mommy & wife
by Darenda

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.x.True Crime + PICS


So, today I made a pretty easy meal.  Well, super easy.  I made hamburger helper, with baked beans, mashed  potatoes and corn. I also made a carrot cake.  I straightened up upstairs.  I cant wait til I get a little more energy.  Its like I can get up and feed Waylon, get us all ready to go to the store, get the things we need, come back home, let Waylon play and snack while i cook dinner and do the dishes....we eat, do our baths, and by that point im so done with the day that im just ready to put Waylon in his crib, crawl in bed, throw my headphones in and listen to thunderstorms and rain til i finally pass out.  Wehave been trying to work with Waylon on words and numbers.  Hes making small sentences.  Mommy, uboooo (I love you), what doin?  He is fascinated that all of his stuffed animals have eyes, a nose, a foot, and a butt lol.  He calls dinosaurs a 'sore'.  He loves baths....absolutely is a nightmare to get clothes on him.  Charity is in the 4th grade now.  Shes so smart.  She reads books to other classrooms in the school...and told me that a little boy named Malachi asked her to 'go out' with him.  Ezra is in the first grade.  This is his second year in the first grade.  Hes 8 now, but takes after me when it comes to school.  He doesnt care about it.  So my mom and dad ground him from his games til his grades in school increase....and when they do, he gets his games back.


Anyways, Im off to watch the Ed Gein movie.  I just finished the Ted Bundy tapes and done all sorts of research.  I feel like I  need to throw myself into something just so I can keep my mind off other things.  Right now though, I need to have a little talk with Waylon, hes spitting in his bed.  I will update this entry in about 10 minutes to add some pictures, but Im using my tablet and dont want nothing on it except learning games for Waylon.

previous entry: .x.Nightmares part 2


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