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An Author at Work
by Marinatheauthor

Wikkis Story


On December 22, 2016, just 3 short months after my previous cat Scampie had passed away. My cat Wikkus known as Wikki was introduced to me as a 6 in a half-year-old male green-eyed tabby. His real name is Wikkus, which was named after the character Wikkus from the movie District 9. Wikki was formerly owned by Kyle who was also the boyfriend involved with my one of my older niece’s Kristina. Anyhow, Wikki was born in Alberta who was as mentioned above was previously owned by Kyle who adopted Wikki and his sister sibling (Lulu) from a farm in Alberta not far from Calgary since he(Kyle) is originally from Calgary. So during the first 6 in a half years of Wikki’s life, he and his sister Lulu lived with Kyle until he was introduced to me. However, several months before Wikki had come into my life his sister Lulu had disappeared only to never return. So 3 days before Christmas 2016 Wikki had arrived at my place to originally be with me for the holidays since Kyle and Kristina were going to Calgary to spend Christmas with his family, and so they both had thought it would have been nice for me to have Wikki for company for the holidays for the time being. After all, it would also have been my first Christmas without my previous cat Scampie. Upon the arrival of Wikki, I can recall hearing him making a fuss meowing frantically inside his carrier due to him DETESTING being inside his carrier like most cats do. Wikki had eventually come out of his carrier reluctantly at first which he then proceeded to hide underneath the lazy boy recliner. My first impression of Wikki was that I liked his coloring due to his lightly tanned tabby markings and he seemed to be a sweet looking cat who was obviously a bit skittish. After an hour of Wikki’s arrival at my place with some coaxing to get Wikki to come out from hiding under the Lazy-boy recliner he walked straight towards me. Wikki, then in turn, had allowed me to pet him especially since he was KNOWN to LOVE ATTENTION!. I guess Wikki having walked towards me possibly meant that he sensed that he was going to like being with me and how he was going to get a lot of LOVE and attention from as well. And the bonus part of it all was that Wikki was going to have someone to spend more time with him too. As I had said earlier in the beginning Wikki was originally planned to be with me temporarily for the Christmas holidays but ended up staying with me for months afterward starting from the beginning of 2017.It was also during the same time upon my noticing how quickly attached both Wikki and myself were becoming with one another. And the fact remained is that Kyle was continually busy with work and school, for him to have been able to give Wikki the attention he so needed, resulting from his continued preoccupied involvement with my niece Kristina. Secondly, Kyle and Kristina were not only were applying for the Master’s of Social Work at various Canadian Universities but both were awaiting which school would have accepted them together. So, in turn, I had promised Kyle that no matter what happened with Wikki and their future that Wikki was more than welcome to stay with me. Every month Kyle would drop by my place to check how Wikki was doing, as well as drop off any food or other things that Wikki may have needed such as Flea medication. Both Wikki and I have bonded quickly and got along very well which continued to the very present day. So all throughout 2017 Wikki continued to bring me a lot of unconditional love who also had proven himself to be quite the loving, sweet, extremely affectionate, and intelligent feline. Although his personality was extremely different from Scampie’s big time! For starters, Wikki was more demanding, clingy, and extremely attached to me. He also never had any interest in human food, unlike Scampie. Another thing, Wikki was at times quite the talker too who loved to actually have little conversations with me as if he understood whatever it was I happened to have been saying to him. For example, I remember one evening back in 2017, Wikki was all upset because he was unable to open up a box of Strawberries he had eyed inside the grocery bag. So, of course, Wikki seemingly was meowing about it afterward. And so I even talked to him about how unfair life was for him because he was not able to get into the box of Strawberries which he would reply back to my voice as if he understood the topic of our conversation. I also video recorded the above moments which can be found on YouTube. As I continued to spoil Wikki throughout his first year with me during 2017 he ended up having gained a lot of weight. I guess Wikki’s weight gain was partly the result of the fact that I loved Wikki so much that I wanted to make him happy as much as possible. It was also during Wikki’s first year with me is where I ended coming up with nickname’s, such as Wikki seh, toaster oven and, Sweetness for starters. Later on, I also had come up with other nicknames such as Lovekins, Wikkers pickers, Monster. I would call Wikki monster due to his extremely spoiled personality as a lovable goofball as he was to be. Another thing sometime later I also made up some little songs related to Wikki where I would sing them to him. I have also had recorded a video of my singing one of my songs to Wikki which was later posted on YouTube. I guess my singing to Wikki was one of the many signs as to how much he was adored and very much loved. At one point I told Wikki’s former owner Kyle that I felt like Wikki’s feline foster parent, but Kyle disagreed and instead referred me as Wikki’s Auntie and since then I would acknowledge Wikki by saying something like, ” Auntie loves you Lovekins”. There also wasn’t a dull day or night with Wikki around me in every way as he has continually proven to be a very excellent companion for me. Wikki continually loves to snuggle on top of me. As I slept during the night Wikki would repeatedly paw my face or kneads my neck several times during the night, which got very annoying and caused me to lose many nights sleep. So instead I had to put Wikki inside my bedroom alone for the night. Wikki did complain along with many pitiful, unhappy, spoiled type meows about his new sleeping arrangement without me, but he had to eventually learn he couldn’t always have his own way. And one day he did learn to adjust to sleeping alone without me during the night. Although at times I am very softhearted where I, in turn, did end up allowing Wikki to sleep with me during the night in the living room. During the day Wikki would roll around on the floor or expose his belly as his way to manipulate me in giving in to his demands which is a funny sight to see at times. When I am on the couch Wikki would jump up me giving me a meow of acknowledgment before settling himself down on top of my chest. Wikki spends most days and nights lounging on the couch or on his cat tree, or sunbathing on the floor. Wikki never was one to play much since living with me so he was mostly content just being by my side. Another interesting thing I have learned since Wikki had come into my life is that my therapist Barbara still continually owns two sibling cats who are ‘IDENTICAL” to Wikki named “Taffy” and “Tiger”. To my surprise, my therapist even emailed me a photo of “Taffy” as well which again was very surprising for me to see that Wikki had a “TWIN”. On June 2017 Kyle and my niece Kristina had been informed that they were both accepted to attend UBC Campus School of Social Work in Kelowna, British Columbia. I mentioned to Kyle how Wikki could remain with me for the duration of his schooling. Kyle was happy to hear that because he knew that it would have been a nightmare for Wikki to be stuck inside his carrier meowing his guts out during the 5 -hour drive up to Kelowna from Vancouver. August 16, 2017, was not only Wikki’s 7th birthday but it was his first birthday to have been celebrated with me, I had spoiled him with some toys and his favorite food and treats. I, of course, did a video recording of the occasion over my phone which I later posted on his YouTube Channel, “The Wikki And Scampie Show”. It is a channel he shares with my former late cat Scampie. During the fall of 2017 Wikki’s former owner, Kyle had felt that he was in no position financially to own Wikki any longer due to his demanding work and school schedule, so he left me to take full ownership of Wikki. And to this day since then I remained to continue to update Kyle about how Wikki was doing such as sending photos and videos clips of him via text messaging on the text messaging application Whats App. I was extremely surprised that Kyle had completely given up sole ownership to Wikki after having him as long as he did. But it all worked out because Wikki and I were quite a team together that I knew I would have been heartbroken if I ended up having to return Wikki once after Kyle had moved back to Vancouver upon completion of his 2 -year schooling. January 2018 after a full year of having Wikki without him developing any health issues he developed his first U.T.I which is common in male cats. It was quite financially stressful for me due to to the fact that I was on low income and Kyle was no longer able to help financially support Wikki as he at first had promised me. So, in turn, I had friends who were willing to help because they didn’t want me to lose Wikki altogether. So Wikki got treated and was on the mend and thought all was well for good or so I thought. Then on May of 2018 Wikki once again had developed Urinary issues which I thought was another U.T.I. It wasn’t a U.T.I. So, in turn, Wikki had ended up actually being diagnosed as having Idiopathic Cystitis. The term Idiopathic basically means without a known cause of his extremely inflamed bladder. Once again I got a lot of help from friends from my cat group on Facebook to help cover the vet bill after I had set up a “Go Fund Me” account which was a success. Wikki was treated with Vet kibble and wet food for his Urinary condition which automatically cleared up his health issues within a week. And as of the present since Wikki has been continuing his special vet diet he has not had any urinary flare-ups since. During the last 2 years of having Wikki, I have set up an Instagram account for him which is called Its_the_Wikkus_Files. And he also has his own Facebook page under “Wikkus Wikki Wikmiester” December 22, 2019, will be Wikki’s 3 year anniversary since he was first introduced to me and I am very happy he still remains to be with me. I know he loves me just as much as Scampie had loved me and the feeling is mutual with me. My home would never be the same without having Wikki around, we are both just truly attached with one another, in fact, he is the 2nd best cat I had ever owned next to Scampie. Wikki is a total blessing in my life and I am sure my late cat Scampie is looking down on us from Rainbow Bridge making sure me and Wikki are very happy together which I am sure Scampie would have wanted it for the both of us.


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