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Welcome to the Wikki and Scampie show
by ScampieDoodle

previous entry: GoodBye Dear Scampie, The AFTERMATH Part 2 Circa September30, 2016



Hi A big Meow to you all I actually at first was owned by two people they are Marina and my papa Kyle.Now Marina aka Auntie Marina took full ownership of me as of presently. I used to have a sister sibling named Lulu but she disappeared several months before I came to live with Auntie Marina and Lulu never came back. I was named after the character Wikkus from the movie District 9. My original owner papa Kyle was too busy with other things so he was not able to hang out with me much so come Christmas 2016 Papa Kyle and his now ex gf were going away and thought it would be nice to temporarily stay with my now second owner Auntie Marina, at least for the holidays. I came at a time when just after a few short previous months which was when Auntie Marina had lost her beloved Scampie .Scampie suddenly passed away which in no doubt was very hard on Auntie Marina since it would have been Auntie Marinas first Christmas without Scampie. Anyhow around 2 days before Xmas 2016 my papa Kyle and his now ex gf who is also auntie Marinas niece had brought me over to Auntie Marinas and when I first had set eyes on Auntie Marina I KNEW that she was the one for me and who was going to love me spoil me rotten,as well as spend as much time with me like ALOT of TIME. So I walked straight up to auntie Marina to give her the biggest hello greeting I can POSSIBLY GIVE. So what was supposed to be just a temporary stay at Auntie Marinas lasted up to the present day since papa Kyle is still very busy and has already moved to Kelowna. My papa Kyle still helps Auntie Marina with some of the expenses of raising a very spoiled lovable monster me heheh purrr To be honest I really am glad that I didn't go move away with Papa Kyle because there is NO WAY I would have wanted to be shipped up the long 4 HOUR drive to Kelowna inside the much detested CLUMSY, BULKY cat carrier especially without auntie Marina with me..Why? Because me and Marina had bonded as well as had grown very attached to one another. Yes I know Auntie Marina loves me almost as much she had loved dear old Scampie just like I love Marina just as much as scampie did. Papa Kyle still comes to visit me when he has time when he is in town.I know my papa Kyle still loves me and I still love him too but I feel that Marina and I need one another. This is true because I am mostly beside Auntie Marina at all times where I don't like to be away from her for too long. Auntie Marina may still miss Scampie but ,I know that there is no competition between Scampie and me and that she still loves me very much.

Also if you would like to write me fan mail please do so at I also can be followed on you tube under The Wikki and Scampie Show


previous entry: GoodBye Dear Scampie, The AFTERMATH Part 2 Circa September30, 2016

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