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nouveau départ.'s Diary
by nouveau départ.

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[TWO] My Purpose?


My Purpose?

It's cold and rainy here. For a second I even thought I saw snowflakes. I'm not ready for freezing cold temperatures yet.

I came on here with intentions of writing my thoughts out. But have you ever just had SO much on your mind, you don't really now where to even begin? That's how it feels for me right now.

Do you ever feel like you were meant to do something big with your life?

As I sat at my desk after being away for some time, I found myself thinking "Is this what life is about? Clocking in and clocking out, monday through friday?" How is that LIVING?!

After all my health issues and then given a chance to come back to earth and LIVE, is sitting at that office desk a waste of my life?

I have a huge desire to help others. I hate seeing other suffer. I think the main reason I'm this way is because of my own issues. I've battled depression for a very long time. I would never wish this horrible illness on my worst enemy. It's very lonely and at times, very scary. And because of that and my deep compassion, I don't want anyone else feeling that type of way. Ever.

Experiencing death was terrifying in every sense you can possibly imagine. The unknown for what'll happen to those who I love. The deep sadness I heard in cries. Beccause of that experience, I want to do something bigger with me life than just sit at a desk for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. I want to help people.

But here's where I struggle. HOW do I accomplish my desire to help people?

previous entry: [ONE] New Beginnings.

next entry: [THREE] Struggle. Pt. 1


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