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Kamillianne's Diary
by Kamillianne

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The. first time I heard the music was 2017. It was in the summer. Initially I only heard it as I walked by my fan and hear it in passing....if I stood directly by the fan I would be able to hear it consistently.. It was a faint tune. Couldn't make it out.  But then..  Thought nothing of it....used science to explain it was just an electrical glitch. Wires getting crossed and was coming out of the fan through the current and the turning blades creating the sounds. As the days turned into weeks the music started to become clearer. Some days it sounded like it was in stereo....other days....could barely make out a beat. The music itself had no rhyme or reason. It would go to 80's music to heavy metal to 60's country to opera.... I heard music in different languages...honestly thought that it was pretty cool that this was happening. Even listened to a bluegrass station....the DJ talked for about 5 minutes before he played music....

I was ok with this situation for so long because I could explain it away. It was all scientific....until one day I started to hear the music with no fan around. That freaked me out....and it followed me where ever I went...but it was most prominent in my bedroom. 

one day when the music was at it's loudest I brought in different family members to see if they could hear one could. I just got strange looks as if I were losing my marbles. 

My family was starting to worry about me.....and to be honest I was too. Was I going crazy? Why was I the only one who could hear the music? 

previous entry: Hi

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