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My Life
by ~*Invisible•∆•Ninja*~

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Vet yesterday


Appointment went okay. They cleaned tilly's anal glands, gave her fluid, and gave me a stool softener for her. Shes supposed to get 2 units of the medicine once a day. Well today we got 0.5 in her. 20 mins later she threw up then went in the litterbox and pooped some. So shes starting to get some more out of her. 


She also pooped in her carrier soon as we pulled into the vet parking lot. Happens every time. And she may have to get her anal glands checked every 6 months or so since this is the 2nd time this has happened. Shes still not really eating today yet but hopefully since she pooped more she will start eating. 


But if things dont start getting better she will have to go back to the vet for bloodwork and xrays. I'm really hoping not because that will be about 150 minimum. I'd deal with it for her because shes my child, but if its avoidable I'm ok with that too. I just want my baby to be ok. 

previous entry: My baby's sick

next entry: Doing better


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