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My Life
by ~*Invisible•∆•Ninja*~

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The dumb things us women have to do.


I think it's really stupid that women have to shave body parts that men don't have to shave. Why do we have to be required to shave our legs if men can have hairy gorilla legs.... I don't have much hair on my legs to begin with. Well at least not as much as most and it's not all dark in color or rough and prickly. So why do I have to feel like I have to shave my legs just because a doctor is going to stick a couple needles in my knees. I don't wear shorts I wear capris, but I don't wear them out of the house. I wear long pants always. Yet we have this stupid standard of having to shave our legs. I could easily use the time I take shaving to do anything else that's much more productive than worrying about someone feeling some kind of way about my legs having a little hair. It's stupid. 


Okay my rant of annoyance is over.

previous entry: Loneliness

next entry: First injections done, 2 rounds to go


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I mean, you don't have to do anything you don't want to do. I rarely shave my legs. I shave other regions because of personal preference. But ultimately, you don't have to shave anything. Society isn't the boss of you. [raen] [reply]

No you're right I don't have to. And I rarely do. I just shave them when I go to the doctor. I just felt like complaining about it because I think it's stupid that in society it's expected. [~*Invisible•∆•] [reply]

Preach it!! [teanahpea] [reply]