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internet confessional 3.0
by girlsetsfire

previous entry: climbed a mountain and i turned around.

ain't my fault that i'm out here gettin' loose.


So much for making an effort to write here more often... 


I'm back to work. I started back on modified duties the second week of January, and I've been back to life as a full-fledged tech for about a month. It's tiring, but I honestly couldn't tell you if that's from radiation/treatment or just life. I think it's a bit of both? Like, this is just my life now, there's no separating the cancer part of things from the mom part from the working person part... I'm just me. And I'm tired, but I'm also happy.


By my count, I've got two Herceptin infusions left, then I can get my port taken out. It doesn't particularly bother me, and I can't imagine going through this last year without it, but having it gone will just feel that much closer to being done with all of this garbage. The more tangible distance I can put between myself and cancer, the better, in my mind. I've got a consult with a plastic surgeon in June to discuss my reconstruction, and I'm really hoping that appointment goes well, that she says I'm a candidate for the type of surgery that I want, and that I don't have to wait too long to have it.


I got an early birthday gift today; Josh gave me a pasta maker and a drying rack, so I can go full out planning the birthday party I want. I'm super excited to make and eat all the carbs with people I love.

previous entry: climbed a mountain and i turned around.


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“Eat all the carbs” - that sounds like the best day ever. X [The RyanStar] [reply]

Ugh, cancer sucks [squishStar] [reply]

Ohh a pasta maker. How cool!

I’m glad you’re happy to be back at work!

I had been meaning to update more regularly, but look where that got me. lol I still want to but it’s hard with a toddler and a baby. [*Pixie*] [reply]

Thank you 😊 It’s hard to get excited about this after IVF was so, so hard. I’m trying to take it one day at a time and just breathe. [.like.a.drug.Star] [reply]

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