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30 Nov 2010, 03:03
Post Count: 180
A photo a day in December.. anyone doing this? And anyone want to make a diary with prompts?! I really want to do this and would make the diary myself if I could.. but I can't.
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30 Nov 2010, 06:26
lithium layouts.
Post Count: 836
I'm already (sort of) participating in such a thing... been doing the 365 project since May. =)
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30 Nov 2010, 06:22
Post Count: 118
I'd LOVE to participate. But, working retail, December is my busiest month. There's no way in hell I'd be able to keep up. I might do it in January when it's dead slow at work. XD
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30 Nov 2010, 07:57
Miss Ice Fingers
Post Count: 27
I'm doing it. I was thinking of making a diary for prompts but I doubt I'd have the time to keep it updated. I hope someone does though because it doesn't look like it's happening on OD and that was a mess last year anyway.
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30 Nov 2010, 12:30
Post Count: 180
I hope so
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30 Nov 2010, 22:56
Mrs DeJournett
Post Count: 32
I would do the prompts but my computer at home isn't working so I only have access Mon-Wed and Fridays. Also, I've been trying to find prompts and can't find anything..
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30 Nov 2010, 23:00
Tam I Am
Post Count: 309
We could make up our own prompts just for bloop!
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1 Dec 2010, 00:06
Post Count: 180
I would love if someone could do that.. just hoping someone will make the diary!
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1 Dec 2010, 00:14
Aspiring Boxer
Post Count: 169 -- turns out someone made a diary! I was thinking about doing it but decided to check and see if someone else had beat me to it - someone did.
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1 Dec 2010, 14:49
Post Count: 123
Ok, gotta question. My only camera is my phone. I tried to get on here on my phone and it wouldn't post anything. So, without uploading to facebook and then saving to my computer, and uploading on here, can anyone think of an easier way?
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3 Dec 2010, 21:10
*~Loving You~*
Post Count: 507
Email it to ur self? @minor catstrophe
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1 Dec 2010, 19:06
Hidden Depths
Post Count: 81
You could download the photobucket app and upload from your phone to photobucket then grab the link from photobucket and put that into your entry...?
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