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Question for people in relationships
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18 Oct 2010, 08:22
♥ Steph
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To answer the question, I wouldn't stop hanging out with my friend. Granted, my guy friends are like my family and have been there for me through the hardest times in my life. And honestly as much as I love my husband, they were there first and there for me through a lot. We DO have this issues in our relationship but we talk it out and he finally understands that I need my friends in my life. And like someone else said, getting rid of an opposite sex friend won't get rid of the trust issues.
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18 Oct 2010, 13:39
♥ jes
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A lot of my guy friends are my boyfriend's friends, too. The reason for that being is because I've only lived in this town for two years, he's been here his whole life. So when it comes to watching movies with a guy friend, that guy friend is more than likely his friend, so there really isn't ever an issue.

I guess him & I have an understanding of each other, because we go out to the bars without each other, no big deal. I trust him, he trusts me. If we ever have an issue, we address it & take care of it.

However, if this weren't the case, I definitely agree with Poetic Justice. If I really care for my SO, & if I don't want to upset them over something petty, then I just wouldn't hang out with this other guy alone.
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18 Oct 2010, 16:22
Kelsey Lynn xox
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The way I see it, if I can't trust my guy alone in a room with another girl, then we probably have problems that extend wayyyy beyond trust. I've always known that my friendships are important and I refuse to drop someone because I'm dating someone/they're dating someone. But, like I said, if I can't even trust my SO in a room with another girl, then why would I want to be with that type of person anyways?
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18 Oct 2010, 22:36
*Forever Changing*
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Well I have mixed feelings. I would never tell my husband who he can and cannot be friends with, but he has a lot of issues and it stems from his past and his disabilities. He could never be okay with me hanging out with a guy alone, sometimes he is worried about girls as well. Anyway, he has a female friend who I am great friends with as well. He has known her since birth practically, and they are like siblings. I dont even have a problem when he crashes at her (and her moms) house after a night of drinking over there.

Communication is key in any trust issues.
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19 Oct 2010, 04:16
just samma;
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my situation is a bit different.
my partner and i obviously went into this relationship with close female friends and the amount if trust we have in our relationship is a huge factor.
we can go out with a group of girls, together or separate, we go to the gay bars both together and apart and there is no concern or worry.
if either of us expected the other to drop our friends it would never have worked.
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22 Oct 2010, 05:24
Opie's Old Lady
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My boyfriend & I have separate friends. He has female friends & I tend to be a jealous type but I trust him 100%. I think it is silly to think that couples should only have couple friends. Hey if that is how you feel, more power to you. Personally I have guy friends that I would not feel wrong in hanging out with with out Jason. Just like he has chick friends that he would not feel wrong in hanging out with with out me. We text so much that unless he has some talent in the bed room to fuck & text at the same time I haven't seen, I don't see how he could do that. Besides if there is an issue you should talk about it. We've talked about it & realize that sometimes we are going to have friends that we want to hang out with on our own & sometimes we're going to want to be together when we hang out. If Jason has an issue with a friend I'm hanging out with or vice versa, we know we can sit down & talk to each other about it & work it out. It's all about communication. You don't communicate you don't work out. Plain & simple.
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23 Oct 2010, 01:20
jessi bear(:
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one of my best friends is a guy. my husband knew this in the very beginning of our relationship, so it's never been a problem. it was always, 'this is my best friend patrick' so there was never any question of other feelings. sometimes he hangs out with us, and sometimes it's just me and pat, but it never matters either way.
it's entirely possible to have guy friends, but i agree that you need to find out the root of the issue.
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