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Calling all moms and moms-to-be...
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2 Jul 2010, 21:28
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I just found out I am 5 weeks... I have been having symptoms for 3-4. Period symptoms are similar to pregnancy symptoms so I just figured it was coming.

Some peoples bodies are more sensative, and sometimes if you know what your 'looking for' its easier to spot. But also sometimes if your trying or worried about it then you can just make syptoms up in your head. The only way to really know is with a test so give it a while and take one.
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4 Jul 2010, 04:25
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Thanks for all of your post. Idk anything yet. But my lower back has been killing me yesterday and today. Last night we did another insemination... It was different. When my wife put in the medicine dropper, it felt like she was stabbing something. There was a slight pain/discomfort in my lower stomach. Any idea what that could be?
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