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Best Facebook Status EVER?
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9 May 2010, 02:57
Post Count: 210
LOL The second one you posted is hilarious!
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9 May 2010, 04:09
Post Count: 274
if i had a penis it would be 7.5 inches long. (i'm REALLY bored. lol)
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9 May 2010, 04:12
Aspiring Boxer
Post Count: 169
LOL I just measured and my thumb is 2.5 inches long. So if I was a guy, it'd be 7.5 inches long too. Hm.. I wonder what the average size really is.
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11 May 2010, 23:38
annababe • •
Post Count: 106
Mine would be 6 inches. I guess I wouldn't be very satisfying. haha.
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10 May 2010, 00:33
Acid Fairy
Post Count: 1849
HAHA epic!! I am so posting this.
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10 May 2010, 16:59
HorrorVixen XO
Post Count: 869
actually i stopped to look at my thumb
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10 May 2010, 17:27
~Just the 3 of Us~
Post Count: 98
Awww man, as a man my penis would only be 6 inches. :(
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10 May 2010, 21:08
Juniper ♥
Post Count: 69
oh i'm so putting this on my facebook. too funny!
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11 May 2010, 12:45
Post Count: 210
I just measuered mine also. If I had one, I would be about 10.5 inches. o.0
O boy.
My thumb was 3.5 inches.
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12 May 2010, 00:18
jessi bear(:
Post Count: 300
mine would be 9.75 :D.
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11 May 2010, 17:22
Post Count: 751
What's sad is I was looking at my thumb for a long time before I read the rest of it to get an idea of how long my penis would be if I was a man. ;D
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12 May 2010, 12:50
lithium layouts.
Post Count: 836
I am so sick of these fake 'we use X amount of muscles to do Y'... the human body doesn't HAVE 300 muscles, and even if it did, not all of them would be used to keep our balance!
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9 May 2010, 03:55
Jessica [Private]
Post Count: 1751
Theres this one chick on my friends list that always posts random statuses bitching people out.
She spells most of her words wrong. It's really amusing.
One morning when I was irritated and she posted one with "your a stupid bitch/cunt/wtf ever" written all over it, I posted a status saying "I love when idiots post statuses bitching out people and spell half the words wrong."

That status was deleted literally like two minutes after I posted mine. I felt very happy.

I'm also amused by my posts while I'm at work, theres a guy in my department who leaves the country station on all day long. And Two Lady Antebellum songs come on repeatedly throughout the day.
I even put the times I updated, because that's literally when the songs came on.
This is only from Wednesday-Friday of the past week. Thursday was obviously slow for me haha. But I normally hear American Honey and Need You Now about three times a day.


Fuck you Lady Antebellum. Fuck you. 11:40am.

I really do hate you Lady Antebellum. And your stupid American Honey. 12:00 noon.


really lady antebellum? its too early for your shit. 10:01 am.

Oh my god, why is Lady Antebellum doing this to me?! 1pm

Mob to lynch Lady Antebellum? 1:18pm. (They seriously had ANOTHER song on, 18 minutes later.)

You've got to be fucking kidding me. I HATE YOU LADY ANTEBELLUM. 2:39pm

Lady Antebellum just came on, and I about fell out of my chair going to turn the stupid ass radio off. Thank god that loser went home early today. Only had to listen to them four times today :| 4:43pm


I really do hate you Lady Antebellum. I hope you choke on your American Honey D: 11:23am

Then we got busy and I went home ;D

So needless to say, I have a deep, brooding hatred for Lady Antebellum.
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9 May 2010, 04:47
Post Count: 137
You and me both.
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10 May 2010, 23:28
jessi bear(:
Post Count: 300
i love lady antebellum :P.. but i agree that they over play all their songs. :/.
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9 May 2010, 06:38
Post Count: 571
"watching Bible Bashers last night was certainly an experience. the guitarist was totally naked and his guitar wasnt even covering his willy. teheheeee! think he took the saying 'rock out with your cock out' a little too literal"

I love live music in Perth.
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9 May 2010, 07:28
Music God CJ Plain
Post Count: 550
Best One I have seen is:

Sing along if you know the words.....(to the tune of On The Road Again) On your mom again...I just can't wait to get on your mom again...doing things that I aint never done before...I can't wait to get on you mom again.
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9 May 2010, 14:47
Post Count: 2651
From my friend who teaches English as a foreign language - ...topped her abortion lesson by teaching the short story "My Oedipus Complex". Woo!
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9 May 2010, 15:28
Jessica [Private]
Post Count: 1751
LOL I love it.
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10 May 2010, 00:26
Blitch. [+1]
Post Count: 82
"If you squeeze my lizard, ill put my snake on you"
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10 May 2010, 04:51
Jessica [Private]
Post Count: 1751
Saw this, had to post.

Manda: Oh! Dumb Girl Syndrome! She's convinced she can change his ways as soon as he enters her Magical Vagina of Mystery.
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10 May 2010, 11:40
ICky VICky
Post Count: 78
i love this!
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14 May 2010, 23:20
Post Count: 50
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10 May 2010, 04:57
panda bear.
Post Count: 150
i did some bad drugs at a blink 195 concert and was in a coma for six weeks!
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10 May 2010, 17:03
HorrorVixen XO
Post Count: 869
*random* ohhhhh now i see the blue in ur hair!! i likey
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