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Beauty Secrets
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2 Jan 2010, 02:08
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For sensitive teeth - a soft toothbrush. And a toothpaste that tastes better than Sensodyne! That stuff is gross! You'd probably like Euthymol. Americans love it. I think it tastes like your rootbeer. Which to me tastes like pink moutwash at the dentist. Which is what Euthymol tastes like.
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3 Jan 2010, 16:20
Acid Fairy
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The Sensodyne iso-active foaming whitening one actually doesn't taste that bad!
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2 Jan 2010, 22:29
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i just wash my face and brush my teeth. i NEVER put on foundation or anything like that. i do mascara and eyeshadow when i feel like it. i also use the eyeshadow as eyeliner when i mix it with water. that's it. my face is the most healthy this way. i don't have gross skin like i used to.
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2 Jan 2010, 22:38
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I use Clinque 3 step skin care routine for skintype 2- i love it!
I used Soap And Glory facial scrub to exfoliate.

For hair I always use TresEmme thermal recovery shampoo, and for condition I alternate with the TresEmme Thermal Recovery condition, Soap and Glory's Hair Mask, and James Browns intensive mask conditioner.

I use Schwarzkopf Styling Protecting Heating Spray which i always put on whether i blowdry/straighten or not.

Hand care I use a hand cream by Avon and Soap and Glory's Hand Food Hand cream.

I use a coconut censed body butter which I got from

Make up I always use Benefit Brow Zing for my eyebrows, Revlon Colourstay for liquid foundation, any mascera, too faced eyeliner, and Benefit bluff dust to mask redenss.

I think thats it...
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3 Jan 2010, 07:50
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I think one beauty secret is to use witch hazel for a toner. I do it and it keeps my skin clear and I notice a huge difference when I don't use it!
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3 Jan 2010, 16:25
Acid Fairy
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Nivea moisturiser twice daily. My mom has been doing that since she was like 14 and at 57 she has very few wrinkles (even though she loves the sun!)

I use this great Neutrogena stuff for when a spot appears; put it on when you first notice it and the spot will fade within 24 hours. I think it's called Fade Away or something.

I like Aussie Moist shampoo and conditioner, and V05 Hot Oil for when my hair goes dry (thanks to hair dye!)

I use Mudd facepacks when I think my skin feels rubbish, and St Ives Invigorating Apricot Scrub sometimes too.

Foundation is the Maybelline mousse one, eyeliner is Rimmel Kohl; the BEST eyeliner I have ever come across (and I know my eyeliners!), Rimmel eyebrow pencil, Rimmel matte powder, I just use a cheap blusher but shy away from the pink shades as I can't carry it off. And either Maybelline or L'Oréal red lipstick.
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3 Jan 2010, 18:17
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Almond oil is awesome for your hair! Some of my Indian friends recommended it to me. You put it on your hair at night, sleep on it (on a towel, because it's so greasy!) then wash it off in the morning, and your hair will be all soft and shiny! ;D;D
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4 Jan 2010, 06:41
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i love bare minerals makeup, burts bees chapstick & collossal mascara
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8 Jan 2010, 16:30
Bleu Cheez
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I wash my hair in non alchololic beer. (once a week) The ingredients in the beer are naturally good to the hair. Makes it shine and clears out oils that make my hair greasy.
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