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by emptyroom

next entry: Part 2...Where I met you...

Part One of our Beginning


Hey there, first entry, well, at least its my first entry in something like 10+ years. I was on Bloop a very long time ago and right now I'm at a stage in my life where I just need to vent, get some things off my chest and it only felt appropriate to come back to Bloop. Anyway, good to be back, thanks ahead of time for taking time out of your day to read my words and again, I just need a place to get these feelings and thoughts out.


So lets start....This whole journal will be about a love lost, a love gained and where Im at in my life after moving half way across the country during the pandemic...But first, here's how I got to where I am now...


Let's rewind, say 10 years or so, I was 27 years old, had tons of friends, a good full time job that I was making a career out of and just had it all going on. The only thing I was missing was a significant other. Like I said, I had a ton of friends, pretty much went out with them every weekend to bars, live concerts, you name it. I dont know what it was but I could never meet a decent girl at any bar (looking back now, big surprise right?), yet I went out every weekend and tried my best. I would get numbers, I would call and text them, go on a date or two and then things would just fizzle out cause I never felt a connection with anyone.


But I felt like I just needed to continue to go out and hit the night life scene every weekend and luckily I had a good group of friends (both male and female) that hung out all the time and did the whole night life scene together. We always had a great time going out, no complaints there, I just hated waking up the next day feeling lonely and replaying the night in my head thinking about what I could have done to change my luck. Also note, Im not socially awkward or anything like that, I was always told I was cute/very handsome, etc, had many girlfriends in the past. I just never had the luck to meet someone worth getting to know.


So, I should also note that at this time in my life I had just started a new job and I loved it. Other than management, most of my employees were college aged students. Naturally, I met a few really good dudes that became good friends of mine. After about a month on the job, they said they needed a 4th roommate for their apartment and asked me if I would be interested in moving in.? Initially I was like, na, Im a 27 year old dude, dont need to be living with 21 year old college students. Plus, I had alreaady been renting my own place for the past 5 years, so I was use to living by myself and just doing my own thing when I wasnt around the rest of my friends.


But.....honestly, it was a good option to consider at the time because I had a good 30 minute drive to work in the mornings and almost a 45-60 minute drive home in the evenings. The apartment they lived in, was only 5 minutes from work, literally pull out the gate, make 3 turns and Im at work, no traffic, on a good end of town but not totally wrapped up in the downtown scene. The final nail in the coffin was the rent, it was so cheap because it was apartment living with 3 other college students. I started to realize how much money I was going to be able to save living with 3 other people and I really started to like the idea. Plus, it wasnt a crap apartment, it was a nice place, each room with its own bathroom and I already knew 2 of 3 roommates.


So I made the move and the third roommate who I didnt know, turned out to be one hell of a dude, never had any issues with him. Fast forward a few months, all moved in, having tons of fun hanging out with the guys, job is going great, life is just good at this point. Now the summer is coming up and my 2 main buddies who asked me to move in, both tell me they are going back to their hometown for the summer to take on some internships. Im like, yea, thats awesome, happy for yall. Then the third roommate comes in and tells me he's studying abroad for a summer semester and Im like, aight, guess I'll spend the summer in this place by myself.


A few days after my roommates telling me this, one of them says, oh yea, I rented out my room for the summer so youre gonna have a roommate for the summer. I was like, yea, thats fine, I know you, you wouldnt stick me with some piece of crap human being and he was like "yea, I got your back, youre gonna like this girl." I was like....girl???? He was like yea, shes 21 and just graduated, wants to move to the big city, get a job and see what big city living is all about. I have to admit, I was really caught off guard by my summer roommate being a female. I asked a lot of questions and my roommate was like dude, Im sorry but I havent seen her in like 6 months so I dont really have any personal information on her, youll just have to wait and meet her.


Fast forward and summer is here, roommates leave and I have the place to myself. Chilling one night and I hear some keys jiggling around in the lock and the door opens....and in walks a girl I would go on a rollercoaster ride of emotions with for the summer...Welcome Ali into my life... be continued..


next entry: Part 2...Where I met you...

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I feel sorry for people who never got to live with their friends. Though I would never recommend screwing your housemate, yo!

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