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by emptyroom

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Part 9...take your time...


So there was Ali, standing in the parking lot, looking all sweet and innocent holding a case of beer. What can I say, my heart melted, I hadnt seen her or heard from her in months and there she was, wanting to talk. I invited Ali in we sat out on the porch with my buddy C and we got caught up a bit. Then Ali asked C if just her and I could talk. C got up and left the room and I appreciated him letting us chat a bit, he knew the whole story, he knew what I went through with her.

So Ali didnt have much of an excuse for not contacting me at all over the last few months. She didnt really seem to care what it did to me or how it made me feel. I told Ali everything, I told her how it pissed me off and I didnt think it was right or anything like that. She finally admitted that she got way too involved emotionally while B and I were hanging out with each other all summer. I basically asked if she was jealous and she never admitted to it but I knew thats what it was. Ali finally blurted out she needed some time away to just gather her thoughts and figure out where she was in life and where she was going.

I respect that, but dont leave someone who was as close as I was to her, hanging with zero contact. Id rather take the hit to my feelings that you want time away from me then just get completely ghosted and wonder if youre even alive.? Anyway, we talked and got back to the way things were and just catching up. I had too much history with Ali to just kick her to the curb, I wanted us to get back to being friends and hanging out like we use to. I knew we could get back to that place with some time, we just didnt miss a beat around each other. The real question I had to ask myself though was whether or not I wanted to get back to being her friend or if I wanted to get back to trying to be more than her friend?

Towards the end of the conversation Ali finally came out and said that she had something really important to ask me. She seemed a bit more nervous after she made that statement and Im not gonna lie, it made my heart race a bit. A million thoughts raced through my head and again, I started to hope for the best. I needed to stay calm but I remember my heart racing and her saying "I would like to have a roommate again, do you want to rent an apartment together?" be continued..

previous entry: Part 8...lets make this right...

next entry: Part 10...lets rewrite our beginning...

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