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by emptyroom

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Part 8...lets make this right...


Ali really pissed me off when she said that we should have never slept together. No one was forced into having sex, but I guess we all have those moments we regret. I will preface this by saying I think Ali was just pissed we slept together cause her feelings for me were growing more and more. I was indifferent, trying to piece everything together in my head and figure out where I was in my own head space. You know, my heart was kinda numb to the whole deal. While I was glad that Ali and I had broken the sexual tension that existed I was still unsure what I was doing or what it was I was looking for.

Suddenly B wasnt an issue anymore and thats when I knew what was happening or had been happening. Deep down, I really wanted to be with Ali. Ali was the girl that I had spent so many late nights with, shared my deepest and darkest secrets with....she was the one I wanted to spend time with. I didnt lead on to Ali that I was really into her and wanted to spend more time with her as more than just friends. I honestly was still processing everything and checking myself to make sure I was doing the right thing.

Anyway, the next few days were fine between Ali and I, everything went back to the way it was. We got back to the way things were, spending late nights sipping on some wine, sharing stories of life, etc. So, Im gonna fast forward a bit, like about a month. At this point winter was around the corner and Ali was going to move out of the apartment and get out on her own. Mind you, nothing had really changed after Ali and I slept together, we still flirted and kept it light and fun, we just didnt get physically close anymore...and a part of me missed that.

So the day finally came when Ali had to move out. Im not gonna lie, I was really sad about not being able to see her. I realized that night how much Ali meant to me. I wrote a note to her but cant remember the specifics, just thanking her for being so open and friendly and I really enjoyed her company. I left it on her bathroom sink the next morning as I slipped out for work. I honestly dont think she was even home. I had offered to help her move her things when I got off work but she never said she would need my help. I didnt hear a thing from Ali but I kinda expected that she would be busy with packing things up and moving boxes all day. So I got home from work and it was dead quiet in the apartment.

I walked back to Ali's room to check in and it was completely empty, she had moved everything out, it was all gone. I was kinda shocked like how in the hell did she move all her furniture and everything out in such a quick time. Thats about the time the heartbreak started to sink in that she was gone and I would have to figure out how to stay in touch. Over the next several days, I sent a few messages to Ali asking how things were and how she was but she just ghosted me, I never heard a word from her.

I knew which apartment complex she moved into but I didnt know which building but I wasnt gonna stalk her, if she didnt wanna talk, fine, I have to accept it. I was still shocked though that not once she said anything to me, no goodbye, no text message saying she was okay, nothing. I just let it be for the next few months but Im not gonna lie, I really missed her and hoped she was okay. I seriously didnt hear anything from her for a couple months and I just kept busy at work and it helped to take my mind off of her and just move on with my life. I should mention too that Ali moved about 30 minutes from me so it wasnt like I could just drive down the road and see her.

So, after about 3 months I was sitting on my patio at the apartment and I notice this tiny little thing walking across the parking lot, it was Ali. I did a double take and yelled "Ali??" She stopped walking, held up a 12 pack of beer and asked "will you talk with me?" be continued...

previous entry: Part reason for leaving...

next entry: Part 9...take your time...

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Women are never ok with you sleeping with their friends, yo! That is all I have to say about this drama.

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