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by emptyroom

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Part reason for leaving...


I left B's place that morning knowing it was definitly over and I wasnt happy with that. Despite getting everything off our chests, it was still a pain to think about not holding her in my arms again. I mean, I knew we were doing the right thing, I just got use to seeing her around everyday. I think thats what hurt the most, not seeing someone everyday and having that comfort of them being around. I really screwed up but there was no going back at this point, I just had to deal with it.

The next few days were interesting because I knew Ali was happy that I had split with B, which made it obvious to me that Ali was jealous of B and I's relationship the whole time. I honestly tried to keep my distance from Ali but she was always home when I was home and it was hard to avoid each other, we all had the same friends who all hung out together at the same time. So, one night I just decided that I would ask Ali if she wanted to go to dinner with me and she said yea she would. We got all dressed up and hit up the local steak joint, food was delicious and the convo was great as always.

We got back to the apartment and we had one last drink for the night. At the end of the night, Ali wanted to give me a hug and when she leaned in, I kissed her, I planted one right on her lips and she accepted it. You know after you have that first long kiss with someone and you pull away, you both have the biggest smiles on your faces?? Yeah, thats exactly what it was. I had a bit of liquid persuasion but honestly, after we shared that memorable kiss, I felt this huge weight off my shoulders. Then I started to wonder if it was Ali that I was after all this time.?

Anyway, one thing led to another.....Ali and I slept together that night and it was amazing.....I woke up and went to work the next morning. Ali was gone, she must have slipped out and went to her room. I just kinda let it sink in throughout the morning and let all my thoughts process. Usually Ali would text me in the mornings and then random throughout the day but I heard nothing from her that day. I honestly was still trying to process the whole deal and I started wondering where my heart was at. I got home after work and Ali wasnt there. So I went up to the pool with P and we talked it all out. I told him the whole deal and he was like man, yall always seemed like a couple so it only made sense.

At that point I started to wonder how obvious it was and P told me straight up that everyone always thought Ali and I were messing around. I was taken a back a bit but I was like why are people saying that? P said dude, you guys have amazing chemistry when you are around each other, people could see the electricty between you two, but no one wanted to out right say anything! Look, I always knew Ali and I had great chemistry but I didnt realize that people saw it more intensely than I did. It started to dawn on me that I didnt know what the hell I was doing anymore. Did I even have any feelings at this point or was I numb to everything??

I got back from the pool that night and Ali was home, she came up to me and asked me about last night. I just said, yea that happened, and she replied well it shouldnt have!! I was like, oooookkkkkk, what are you talking about? Ali said it just shouldnt have happened and to just forget everything... be continued..

previous entry: Part stinks...

next entry: Part 8...lets make this right...

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She sounds confused. You were one way and now there is a shift in the relationship.

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