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by emptyroom

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Part 4...there's the door...


So its been awhile since I have been able to sit down and catch up on my story, not to mention how much more I have to add as I get caught up on whats happening in the here and now.


Last I left off, Ali had set me up as if she had cut her finger and then when I went to take a look at it, she said no, look closer. So I leaned in, seeing as Im 6'3 and shes 5'1, and I grabbed her hand and as I leaned in she looked up and planted a kiss right on my lips. And we just kinda sat there for what felt like minutes but in reality was probably only a quick second. But the kiss had meaning behind it, I could feel it. Was it sparks? I dont think so, honestly I was so consumed with B that I didnt even really process what had just happened.


So I looked at her finger and there was nothing wrong with it, she was like, yea, I wanted to kiss you so I set you up. I was like well that was kinda fucked up because you know damn well where I stand with B and we spend all our time together. So now I started to become a little more confused as to where Ali was trying to go with all this. I walked out of the kitchen and she went back to doing whatever it was that she was doing in the first place.


The rest of the evening was fine, we went about things as usual, it wasnt any different really, it was just like any other night except for the fact that Ali and I had actually kissed. You know, I never said anything to B, I never said anything to Ali, it just happened and it was done, I was over it and I wanted to focus on B. With that said, things did change over the next few weeks and it made me really confused as to what I should believe and what I shouldnt.


I should note again that B and Ali went way back to middle school days, so they knew each other really well. With that said, after a few weeks of just running the normal routine, B was going on vacation with her family for a few days. Deep down I could tell that Ali was a little excited about this and looking back on it, it was probably because it meant she got to spend more time with me. Anywho, B goes on vacation and literally the first night shes gone, Ali makes me dinner and we just hung out in the apartment that night but it was obvious something was up.


I should have called Ali out on it and asked her what was going on but any idiot could see she was obviously jealous of the relationship B and I had. Ali could have gone out to any bar and hit on any guy but instead she decided that she wanted me and was going to stop at nothing to win me over. So after a nice dinner and a few bottles of wine, we sat on the porch like we typically did most nights and just talked things out. But this time Ali was really pushing onto me the fact that I didnt know B as well as she did and for that reason, I should watch out. Ali started telling me about B's past relationships and how she would sabotage them or do hurtful things to push people away.


Honestly, I didnt care, I was just living it day by day and not once did B and I ever talk about past relationships or anything like that. B and I were fine, we had no issues, I enjoyed her company and getting to know her, thats all I cared about. Plus, Im not one to judge based on past relationships, we all learn and grow from each person we meet or get close to so I really didnt care. But Ali kept feeding me these stories and for whatever dumb reason, I chose to believe Ali and all the hurtful things she was telling me about how B will just ruin everything so I should get out while I can. After that night, things were never the same... be continued..




previous entry: Part 3..Brittany..

next entry: Part 5...its over kinda vibe...

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