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by emptyroom

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Part 3..Brittany..


After that first night, I knew B was the most beautiful person I had ever seen and I was head over heels for her. Plus, I got to talk to her that night for several hours and she was down to earth, easy going and I didnt see anything that would tell me to not at least get to know her a bit better.


I found out where B worked from Ali and since she was a hairdresser, it made it easy to get things set up. I booked a hair appointment under an alias. A few days later I showed up to the appointment and when I walked in B looked up and had the biggest smile on her face. I checked in and B came over and asked what I was doing there and I was like, Im your 430 appointment! She loved it, she was super excited and from the second I sat in that chair, the conversation just flowed.


It didnt take long and she threw out the "are you dating anyone?" question to which I said, no, are you seeing anyone?? Thankfully she said no while having the biggest smile on her face. At that point, I knew that this girl was at least a little bit interested, so I went for it and asked her out on a date and she said yes without any hesitation. I got back to the apartment later that evening and Ali was there on the couch wondering what I had been doing. I told her what I did and how I asked B out and Ali seemed a bit taken aback, but I really didnt care.


So, first date with B was great, low key dinner at a local resturant. After that I took her back to the apartment because all of my friends were coming over to just hang out and have some drinks. I introduced B to everyone and we all had a great time that night, it was a blast and a night I will never forget. I could tell B was having an awesome time and getting along with all my friends. After a few games of beer pong B looked at me and said she wanted to go for a swim in the pool. Mind you it was late, pool was technically closed but I was like yea, lets go for a swim.


B looked amazing that night and I knew I wanted to kiss her. As soon as we got in the pool, she came right up and we had the most amazing first kiss. I remember shaking after we kissed and she asked if I was okay and I was like yea, I really like you and Im just really happy right now. We didnt stay long in the pool, we went back to the apartment and she asked if she could spend the night and I wasnt about to say no. I offered to sleep on the couch and she told me there was no way, she wanted me by her side.


B and I spent most that night talking the night away, I hardly got any sleep, which was fine, cause I was starting to really like this girl. I knew from the moment I saw her that I wanted to get to know this girl. I started to feel like the pieces of my life were starting to fall into place. The best summer of my life was already getting even better. B and I started seeing each other every day and the nights over became more frequent. B started to fit into the group like she had known us for years and it was super comfortable to be around her all the time.


After several weeks of B and I hanging out nonstop there was finally a moment that caught me off guard and changed things...I was in the kitchen with Ali and were both making seperate dinners that night but she acted like she cut her finger when I wasnt looking and when I got close and went to look at her finger, she laid a kiss on me that had some meaning behind it...I was speechless... be continued..

previous entry: Part 2...Where I met you...

next entry: Part 4...there's the door...

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