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by emptyroom

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Part 12...lets rebuild...


So Ali was standing there asking if she could come and sleep in my bed. I asked her if something had happened and she said no, she just didnt want to sleep on the couch and didnt want to sleep by herself. Of course like an idiot, I let her come in. She slipped under the covers and my heart started racing. In that moment I really questioned what the hell I was doing. I should have said no cause I needed to protect my heart, yet here I was just getting heart and my feelings all torn apart again.

Ali kept to her side of the bed for a few minutes and didnt say anything. I said nothing, I literally just wanted to sleep cause I had to get up at 5 and go into work so I needed as much sleep as I could get since I had quite a bit to drink that evening. But yea, that lasted no more than five minutes and already Ali had made her way over to my side of the bed and she wanted to cuddle. I caved so hard, I had no control, completely powerless to this girl. Im not gonna lie, it felt really good to have her wrapped up in my arms again. I feel asleep really fast and Im assuming she did the same.

I think I woke up a couple hours later and Ali was still wrapped up in my arms. I got up to use the bathroom and when I came back in, Ali had woken up. I crawled back under the sheets and Ali went in for the kill, she kissed me and that just sparked a whole lot of feelings and emotions. And well, one thing led to another and Ali and I had sex that night. I woke up the next morning and got ready for work. I woke Ali up and told her she should put some clothes on and go back out onto the couch, cause I know she wouldnt want her parents to find her in my room, naked, sleeping in my bed.

So I went to work and just got back to the grind and work really helped take my mind off of everything. P was at work as well so it was nice to talk to him and catch him up on everything. He said the same thing that everyone was thinking, why the fuck did I let her in my room and why the hell did I give in to sleeping with her.?? So P made me feel a little bad about the deal but that was okay, I deserved it, I should have never let her in my room. Anyway, I only had to work for a few hours and I hadnt heard anything from Ali so I went on back to the apartment.

I walked in and Ali was cleaning up the kitchen and her parents had left to go back home. I looked at her and said hey and she smiled real big and say hey!! I thought, ok, shes happy, somethings up. I asked how she felt and what her parents had said before they left. She was in a good mood and said her parents really enjoyed hanging out and getting to know me. Its always nice to hear those things and I enjoyed meeting her parents as well. So then Ali said hey, about last night....and I was like yea?? She said she didnt regret anything and that she had missed me but didnt realize how much she missed me. I told her I felt the same and it was nice to feel that feeling again with her. Then she blurted out, no hard feelings but we cant do that ever again okay???? be continued...

previous entry: Part we are again....

next entry: Part 13...this chapter of my life is ending...

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Jesus Christ...what is wrong with her? Maybe Ryan is right and she's a sociopath

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