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city girl in a country world
by eyeore's twin

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So of course when I need to be getting ready for my move I either got residual weakness from the Covid or a Fibro Flare up any way I was in bed yesterday until church our church meets at night because we share the building with another church church was awesome like usual it was nice seeing everyone again after being gone for so long. My Pastor told me she's so proud of me for dealing with everything happening at once and my attitude towards it I've been up since 3 which is why I don't like taking my meds before 11 and I taking my day meds around 11 which Bren doesn't get. I have a lot I have to do in the next few days I can't afford to get sick or to go manic on the other side of it well I'm going to try and take a nap now


previous entry: entry 08

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