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city girl in a country world
by eyeore's twin

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so bren and i found an apartment got everything done at the meantime i got super sick and bren decides that she doesn't want to move in that afternoon my phone was dead and i had gotten so sick that i couldnt take care of roxy and brens cause manager showed up to check on me so that was a disaster and that night i ended up in the ER with Covid that was a disaster and any way my case manager took roxy back to the pound but it was for her best and yesterday i finally got the clear from the state to get off quartentine and it looks like i'm going back into the group home because even with hud housing i can't afford anything in town without her but truthfully there are some things that going back to the group home might help with bren is in the psych unit again well i'm going to go back to bed cause i have a housing inspection tuesday and i need to clean the house for then


previous entry: Entry 03

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