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fart jokes are the best
by raen

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The CIU Blues


So I have the hives and various flares under control right now. This is great! But I'm tired more often then not. There are days where I could happily sleep the day away. My body just can't do it sometimes. I have to listen to my body more. It sucks often when that is the case. I ended up leaving work at one today instead of four. And I've taken Friday off as well. I can't really handle it sometimes. There are days where I just want to cry over this. But it is beyond my control. I can manage it for the most part, avoid triggers, but mostly I just putter along, understanding more each day what it's like to have an invisible, and chronic illness. Whenever someone explains having an invisible illness, I have never more understood it than I do now. Fuck you chronic illness.


Aside from that, I am enjoying the beginnings of winter. I've seen that most of my triggers are temperature related, particularly heat, so bring on the cold temps. Although, the sun is still a problem for me, and my clothing can really do a number, but at least it's not sweltering. 


Amazon is bomb diggity at package delivery! I ordered part of Chris' Christmas present, they gave me an estimated date for December 3rd, and it came yesterday! Talk about service with a smile with Canada Post being a huge douchebag right now. Amazon must be making a mint during this strike business.

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RYC: In response to the passive/aggressive FB posting thing, I have on many occasions talked to him about this sort of stuff when I've been mad or upset and it's like talking to a brick wall. I have confronted him on multiple occasions in the past about the POF profiles (sometimes with actual photo proof) and he still denies he's on there. So I kind of feel like it's become completely pointless even bringing it up with him. Not that posting subtle things like that solves the problems either. And you're right, Brian does not like himself even one bit which is why he constantly destroys everything good that happens in his life...mainly relationships. And then he wonders why his ex-wife wanted him to sign over his rights to his child and his last ex left him for another man. [squish] [reply]

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