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beauty.queen's Diary
by beauty.queen

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I am totally stuffing up my morning routine. I need to have a think over the weekend on how to make it work for me a bit better. I either forget steps because I don't go in order or I sleep through my alarm because I simply don't have my faculties together at 5:20am to remember that I care about the goal and it makes my life much better.  I'm thinking I'll get an alarm clock to put in the bathroom or something so that I'm forced to actually stand up. Once I stand up, I'm up.  That means buying an alarm clock.


I'm trying not to have too many goals at once, but I am definitely sort of piling them on in the back of mind even if I'm not tracking them. Besides the morning routine and the eating at home thing, I'm also sort of intermittent fasting by eating in 8 hour windows and fasting for 16 and being quite frugal.  I'm aching to get into our own house and we need to save for a deposit. (The median house price in the area I live now is a million buckaroos. It's ridiculous.)


I'm actually doing well with the eating at home thing. Even when I forgot my lunch the last two days I forced myself not to get Uber Eats which is usually the go-to. Yesterday I was so hangry by 6pm I almost caved, but managed to get home and inhale some leftovers. It's nice actually eating the things in my fridge instead of just putting them in the rubbish. I often joke that I'd save myself time if I just skipped unbagging my groceries and put them directly in the bin. I want to start planning where I'm going to go for the fancy dinner, visualising the reward. I want to find a place that does a good vegan degustation but hopefully has some omni options for Con, my husband.


I think I'll update my 'eat at home' goal today with the plans for the restaurant.

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