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I am a proud American - I apologize for nothing.
by American

previous entry: [song] Scars Aren't Forever

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[bill] Republican budget for Fiscal Year 2012


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link to actual bill:

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previous entry: [song] Scars Aren't Forever

next entry: [...] #what is

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Lol- I didn't realize you even still had bloope! I see you on twitter, Facebook, and some picture site (my- how you grew up!), but rarely do I see you on bloop.

Regardless- thanks for the comment. We are kind of against renting because we make so much money that we could pay a mortgage and not have any debt problems. A house is such a big deal though. I think i have issues with planting roots- mentally. Because id love to be out on our own but a house is a big tie down. I'm weird, I know.

As far as school goes, the program I want is close in September anyways so I have a little time to save money regardless of what we are doing.

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dailybooth, that's the one! Couldn't remember the name when I responded to your comment. I prefer twitter/twitpic. It's pretty cool. I try to keep up with bloop, but in all honesty i haven't written a real entry in months lol

I love Assassins Creed. I've become quite the Ps3 junkie...I play Red Dead Redemption, LA Noire, Assassins, etc. The newest Assassins was awesome and a fourth one comes out in the fall.

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Diary added to your faves.
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