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"Love is like war: Easy to begin bu's Diary
by "Love is like war: Easy to begin bu

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Meagan's New Toy Gets Its First Workout


Standing up, I carefully step out onto wet tiling, the plug still firmly buried in my ass.  My pussy is aching for attention.  Quickly toweling myself dry, I walk into the bedroom.  Opening the drawer of the nightstand, I take out my little silver friend, my vibrator, and set it down on the bed.  Walking over to the dresser, I grab my cell phone before walking back and climbing onto the bed.

I find Kyle’s name in my contact list and press dial.  The phone rings for several seconds.

“This is Kyle.  What is it Meg, it’s almost 11:30.”

“I know honey, but I want you to just listen. OK?”

“Listen to what?”

“Just listen.  I’ll tell you after it is all over.”

I climb up in the doggy position and reaching for my vibrator, position it against my clit and turn it on.  Simultaneously, I reach back with the other hand begin manipulating the plug that is stretching and filling my ass.  Within moments my moans fill the bedroom, drowning out David’s music.  Higher and higher I’m taken as the sexual desires, the sexual energy within me builds quickly.

Vaguely, through my increasing moaning and groaning, I hear Kyle’s voice.

“What’s happening?  What in the hell are you doing Meg?”

I don’t answer, but continue to twist and turn the butt plug while pressing the vibrator hard against my clit before sliding into my pussy and thrusting it back-and-forth.  After a few minutes, I set the tip back against my swollen clit.  The tension within me in building and I fight the urge to release. 

I want to be taken as high as I can.  I want to treasure every moment of the pleasure I’m giving myself. 

Soon I’m screaming “Yes… Yes… Oh YES… YYEESS…”

I can hardly stand it now and my moans, groans and screams get louder and louder.

Finally, I can no longer hold back the pressure.  The dam breaks and my pussy begins flooding the bed with my juices as my body convulses and shakes violently as another orgasm rips through me.

I scream out in one long, continuous stream of “YYYYYEEEEESSSS’s” as yet the climax overwhelms me.   In the midst of my orgasm, I think I can hear Kyle’s own release through my phone.

“Fuck YES, Shit, Fuck YES… YES… YYYYEEEESSSS…” I hear from my phone as Kyle, obviously masturbating himself, shoots his load who knows where.

For several minutes, there is only the sound of heavy breathing coming from me and my phone.  After our breathing and our heartrates return to normal, I hear Kyle.

“Meg, that was wonderful and I certainly needed that, but couldn’t it of waited?”

“No!” I reply emphatically.  “I wanted you to hear your girlfriend’s first orgasm with a butt-plug in her ass.”

“A BUTT-PLUG?” Kyle asks, with obvious enthusiasm.  “What prompted that?  What’s going on with you Meg?”

“I want you to fuck me in the ass Kyle.  You hear me, I want you fuck your girlfriend in the ass.”

“Are you sure babe?  You’ve been fighting me about this for what seems like forever.”

“After tonight, yes I’m sure.  I want to feel your cock in my ass!”

“Well, I think I can manage that.  How about I pick you up from work tomorrow.  We can have a nice dinner and go back to your place afterwards.”

“How about you get your ass over here tonight?  Give me a chance to show you my new toy collection.”

With a palatable sigh in his voice, Kyle said “Meagan, you don’t have to ask me twice!”

previous entry: Summer Interns

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