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E. Quill's Diary
by E. Quill

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Never miss an oppor-tuna-ty


Wrote a big entry yesterday and the kid walked up and found the power button on my computer. Oh well baby sucks to be you because thats how we watch Mickey Mouse all fucking day.

I don't have the energy to write it all out again. Instead I will write about J's grandmother. I mentioned before that she came and wanted to go to a restaurant that only serves clam chowder. I don't eat seafood. My family were fishermen and I ddi not eat seafood I'm the black sheep har har blah blah.  She let it go then a like 10-20 minutes later said something like "The seafood, I could understand if you were alergic but just not liking it...."  No one really aknowledged it. I mean its not that I just like it. The smell makes me gag. I used to put a towel on the floor by my bedroom door when my family ate it. Its more like...I hate it. I mean I don't like sausage on my pizza but we still get it because my husband likes it and I pick around it and give it to the dog. I hate seafood.

Later I was talking about it with my husband. We talked about how weird it is and he goes "Yea and you guys have that same conversation every time we see her." 


"Yea like every time."

And I thought about it.  It's true. When we lived in the city she would try to go to sushi every single time. We did a few times and I got some mediocre terriyaki which is fine. I like that fine. Its never awesome at the sushi places but whatever.  One time we went to a sushi place. It is owned by a hawaiian guy but he employs a few hispanic workers. When we were there J's papa and I got teriyaki because neither of us like sushi. The lady called back to the man in the kitchen "os gatos"  

Hold up what? That means...two cats. I ended up having a hair on my food too. A small one inch hair, HRRRRRMMM. Now I don't think I was served cat at all. I think it was more a joke between the kitchen staff but holy fuck some of us understand you! We find it a funny story now. 

The last time they came down before this trip she tried to get sushi too and J said "No we're not doing that, 3 out of the 5 people here won't eat that." And not to mention she had her dog with her which already prevented us from going into any of the shops in Oceannextto. 

So he is right. We do have this conversation every single time we see her.

It has now been a bit since we have seen them and they brought baby clothes last time and I let my husband open the gifts when they come because they didn't drive all this way to watch MY reaction to gifts. They want to see my husband be a dad I am just also there you know?  Anyway he hadn't went through the clothes.

In the bag I pull out a tiny shirt. It has a cartoon picture of...a fish market. Crates with crabs and fish and a little wooden sign that says "Seafood" I laugh out loud and throw the shirt to my husband and tell him to look at it. He rolls his eyes and throws it in the clean clothes pile. 

It is just more petty shit and it is so exausting. 

previous entry: All I want is not to die on a day I went unseen

next entry: On the first day of Christmas


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