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Happy New Year.


Hey everyone!

I hope everyone's holidays were awesome.

This is my last bloop post...I am making my trek to an open blog. Name coming soon. I am working on it at the moment. I been wanting to blog professionally a while and I finally bought my Website name and I am working on it. I hope to have it public by February 1st. It is going to be a lifestyle blog with the emphasis on the legal world and getting into law school. I have so many plans for it and I can't wait to publish. I am pretty sure I will be posting here and there as I can't completely abandon this website. I been here since I was 16.... but I want to make a semi-career out of blogging so hopefully it can happen. I have many plans like I said and been wanting to make blogging happen for a while. Anyways enough about that....everything is great here. My brother and my SIL came to visit for three days and it was an awesome time. We took them to so many places in Houston and we still didn't cover everything. It was epic and awesome.

I also want to bring my disability to the forefront because so many people don't know about Spinal Bifada...its kind of sad and I think its important I can bring some light to it....like I said I have many plans for my blog. There is also this website where they offer free code classes so I want to do that and learn how to code a bit.

Anyways...I will update everyone on my new blog name so if you want to follow along.

Peace for now.

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previous entry: Happy Thanksgiving!!

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