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Feel Betrayed


So much crap has happened lately I don't even know where to begin. Me and my dad have not been getting along at all. All he does is argue and scream and I am tired of it. Recently he decided to inform me that he got a girlfriend and they been dating for two months. I felt so betrayed and I felt like my mom was being replaced. The thing is he treats me like crap and probably treats her good.

I will be completely honest, I am jealous. My parents were married for over 32 years and my mom has been dead for 5 years and he has always said he didn't want a girlfriend. Even as recently as a month ago he said he didn't want a girlfriend. That is why it took me as a surprise and I felt blindsided when he told me. He came in one morning from work and he was like, "guess what," I have a girlfriend and we been together two months. I was like what....I immediately bolted to my room because I wanted to cry. I don't know how it is to have step-parents...he was like I will break up with her if you don't want me to date anyone. I told him point-blank, that I will move out and they can be together but I have no intention in meeting her. He was upset and now he has been acting like super asshole towards me. People tell me I need to stop being a brat and get over it but I am sorry I am not going to get over it. I don't intend in getting over it. As far as I can imagine I will move out as soon as I am able too and hopefully I don't ever have to cross paths with her. I will see him because he is my dad but I want minimal contact.

anyways right now I just feel so alone because no one understands this particular situation. I just need to go to sleep.

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previous entry: Drama!!


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