My Crazy Life!:)
by The Avon Lady

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Another Year Older tomorrow!


Why do I feel like a failure at 33 ( turn that tomorrow)?

lets see went to college got a college education that i can't seem to use. Computer networking--- Recieved Batchelor's in 2005 and its now 2017
Currently only income is from my Avon business.... Which as I am still trying to achieve my dreams is not enough to pay back the $25G in debt I am from College.

All I want out of life is to be able to pay my own way. Work for what I got. And i seem to be failing in that.

Only Bright spots are my Family, BF, And my Avon Family.

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previous entry: Avon Atlantis Trip Plan

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I keep telling myself that there is no race to accomplish things at a certain time in our lives. I too, feel this way every time my birthday comes around. Hope your birthday went well.

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