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Ack~~ only one more week Til Relay


So I started my part time job in April, has its ups and downs. Love it helping me pay bills and stuff. This year i have also decided to participate in Relay for Life.
Relay is important to me, because my Dad died from a misdiganois of cancer when I was 3. My Mom has had breast and bladder cancer, and my Sister had a brain tumor. So doing this event and actually participating in the walking of laps and raising funds this means more to me this year than it has in the past. Not sure why? Maybe because of the Miracle children my sister has had. They gave her a 50/50 chance of having a normal child after her tumor and the medicines she had to take for it.

IF you would like to help me raise funds. Here is the link:

A Luminaria is only $10 dollars and I've sold six of those. need at least 4 more to hit my goal of raising $100 My mom donated to me on her Survivor form so its not showing on my tracker! One of my Avon Customers has also donated for a person in her life.

This year even though it stinks, atm financially has felt like a year of new beginings and challenges.

Hope everyone stays safe with the storms that have been Hitting the MIDWEST.... Been Super duper crazy. Last night the lighting storm kept me up even though i was trying to get to bed early.

Lataz all.
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previous entry: Several Good things!:)


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