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Tooth Extraction!


If anyone wants to follow me on twitter go to that link. But basically it says on my twitter if it isn't showing like I'd want, I had gotten my sore tooth removed today and so I feel a lot better and can finally get plenty of sleep. As the last entry I had wrote on the 30th April at 2am but never managed to sleep after it and I'm surprised I didn't write another entry that night/early morning..

Today I also went to the doctors as I had an appointment and I had a smear test done, don't really know what to think about what the doctor said as I have a cervical erosion and I don't know a lot about them but she didn't say not to worry as it's a common thing and to ring the doctors if I don't have any letter with the results of the swabs from my smear test within a month from today so I will do so if I don't hear from them..hopefully everything is okay and the cervical erosion goes away. She did say I'd lost 3 stone since I last got weighed at the doctors so that is good.. I'm 10.5 stone now and still wanna lose more but need to start eating healthier again, tomorrow morning I'm gonna start my juice plus shakes/meals again properly and stick to it as that really helped me. I may even make the juice plus pancakes tomorrow morning or lunchtime.

Xx Naomi xX

previous entry: Toothache..


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