This Is The Life We've Been Given!
by KawaiiPrincess

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This Is The Life We've Been Given! (UPDATE)


As the last entry I had wrote on the 02/05/2017 and it's now 13/07/2017 :O Alot has happened since then.. and I'm surprised I didn't write another entry since then but oh well i have thought about it but never got round to it which is annoying sometimes, i like writing things down as it sometimes helps sort my head/mind out sometimes...yeah i notices i just said sometimes 3x and now again,lol but that happens alot when i'm tired and it's now 3:13am on Thursday morning but i have a really sore back..cause of stress i must say..reason?? well it starts with a guy i've mentioned before in this diary beginning with the letter R and ending in Y..don't really wanna say his name but it's

It's now early morning.. almost 4am..can't stop writing/searching for ideas for this post to update you on things.

Yesterday, I actually got rid of R.......icky for good..well i won't be seeing him again after him doing what he did.Police got involved cause of his drinking again but that all i shall say atm.

Today I took things slow and easy because of the night before's events..then tonight i had dinner at Neptune & Prawn in Portrush with my lovely Mum, and my big bro Jonny and his gf, Katherine.Really was good night. Until, a girl who knows him who can't be named beginning with R and whom i've not stopped thinking of since finding this out and hoping he is ok but found out he is in the hospital cause he fell off cycling his bike and banged his head just hope he is okay..but doesn't change my mind and as much as i would like to go see him/or talk to him i can't because of whats happened.

Tomorrow's plans i go to the doctors as I have an appointment at 4pm ish, for my b12 injection but i'm just worried about finding out i have no solution to give them so i need to arrange another appointment and wait longer...grrr. my smear test that i got done, turned out fine so phew. I've not been too well lately I've got bipolar and been diagnosed since 2013 so no news there but this has caused a big dip in my mood and i just want things to stop being too stressful and stuff as i just wanna BREAK FREE!! Sorry i had to say break free as Ariana Grande's song called that came on.. Been Listening to some Adele,Disney music and a playlist on my itunes called Top 25 Most Played and that's where this song was,hehe. Am getting really tired but just can't stop writing things down because I'm such an insomniac kinda girl.Tho i do think i shall be able to sleep soon..i hope anyway.

Things will start looking up for me again in time.

It's only July 2017, i'm 28 years old..still young, i have a gorgeous little princess/tomboy who's 8 but she will always be my baby.
I love her with all my heart and i miss her when she is not with me for any space of time either at my parents house or her nana's house..
she sees her nana every other weekend..then a week in july and in august too.
Shes away since sunday till this sunday so i can't wait to see her.
Morgan loves school too, not all the time as hates homework and sometimes gets distracted in class but who doesn't like school all the time but she loves having her friends..she very popular at school.
I was so proud of her recent school report..she a wee computer wise, no surprises there
She loves music too. She's a great wee singer too but has stage fright.
She loves trying out new things (Hobbies) - she used to go to ballet class,then gymnastics for a few years at least till sometime last year,Piano lessons at school during class time (she got out of class to go learn how to play piano),Tennis at after school club till she got bored or forgot to go so many times (they said she couldn't go anymore) but her recent hobby is learning how to play The Cello (how amazing,its a big enough instrument for a little girl like her)
She has to think hard during SUMMER till she starts back at school (P5) whether or not to keep it on, my mum pays for her lessons as she said she always would as she wants to help us out as much as she can. I'm hoping she keeps it up tho i do wish she would show me how or what she can play on it..she says she can't use the bow properly.
Can you tell that i miss her very much..hehe.Being her Mother is the best thing that could ever have happened to me even if i did have to eventually have to be a single mum.I always try my best with her. make her happy.

Things i'd like to do..I'd love to do a Makeup Course and a Nail technology class so i could have be a pro or something at the end of the course.. I have 3 jobs that sell makeup products, Avon..Younique and Nuskin. Then i have a Pearl business tho i'm not sure what is/has happened to that atm

Me and R...y will never be seeing/speaking to eachother ever again,we tried that friends thing and it didn't work.

To end this Entry.. The title is out of a song by Take That and i am now listening to "Cry" by Sigma (feat. Take That)..

Xx Naomi xX

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