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Where do I start? 

Sunday was a disaster. I mean it didn't start out that way but it sure as hell ended on a weird note. It was pretty nice out and I wanted to take Ari to the park. Right before we left David happened to call me and said he wanted to spend some time with Ari and so he came along with us. We had so much fun. He's amazing when it comes to the kids in the family. He's actually Ari's God father, anyway he treated me to lunch and we got ice cream after. He came with me back to the house to put Ari down and we just hung out and talked, when it was time for him to leave he kissed me. It was so unexpected! My initial thought wasn't what it should have been. It was everything my kisses with Moe lack. But once I came to my senses I pushed him away and told him he could never ever ever do that again. I sat in the bathroom and cried for like 20 minutes after and I MISSED my phone call from Moe, so I cried because of that too and to make things worse David sent me a link to a video on YouTube of Shawn Mendes' song Treat you better. I mean I am with his brother for God sakes. They might be half brothers but they're brothers no less and grew up with each other, what is he even thinking? I have a baby with Moe and another one on the way. What the hell does he want with someone like me in the first place? The thing is, if I wasn't with Moe I could totally see myself with David without all this other stuff going on. And that thought makes me feel uneasy. I feel like a horrible person even thinking it. We've talked since and he's not letting up. He thinks I deserve better than what I'm getting from Moe. I don't want things to be weird, I really enjoy being around David but I don't know what to do.

previous entry: This is my life...


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