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It Has Been Too Long (pics added)


I keep forgetting i have an account here, tut tut, lol. 

Well, as usual it has been way too long since i last done an update, so here is one in brief..... 

Ok, me and Dave are doing great, we are now back living together and are getting on just great.
Sharmaine leaves school this June, she will be 16yrs this August, gosh i feel old, lol. Declan is doing great in school, he is becoming a computer wizz kid, he helps everyone with their computers at school, even the teachers, he is even teaching his teacher about blender, thanks to his dad, lol. Then there's little Piper, who is not so little now, she will be 4yrs next month, she has a big attidude and her own personality, she is so funny. She has been offered a place into school for September this year, my baby girl is growing up so fast. 

We also have a new member in the family, her name is Kali, she is 9 months old, she is a tricolour border collie, she is my dog and my pretty lil lady, lol. She is so lovely, i have had her for a little over a month now and she has settled in nicely, a proper part of the family. 

So things are going well here, we have had minor problems, like sickness and illness but like always we got thru it. Yesterday, Dave had to have blood tests, but his bp is lower than what it usually is which is great news. I had to go hospital yesterday, for erm, well, i'll just say ladies problems and i am still in a lot of pain but i am being well looked after so i'll be fine. 

This September will be 9 years since me & Dave very first met, time flies when you are having fun, lol We have been thru so much in the past but hopefully that is all behind us and who knows, maybe one day i will be mrs big bruv bloop, lmao.

I love you my darling Dave and our lovely kids and dog so much xxx 

previous entry: News, News, News!!!!!

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