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I have more than what some people have, 3 wonderful kids, great hubby, a lovely dog and a roof over our heads, so why are there so many thoughts and feelings going on in my head right now.

Its all mixed feelings, i am happy, i love my family more than life itself so why do i feel like this.
Its like i'm on an emotional rollercoaster at the moment, and when i feel like this the past comes creeping back, bit by bit and tries to ruin my happiness again.
The past needs to stop rearing its ugly head.
Sometimes i feel so alone, i know i'm not as i have Dave and the kids, plus others.
These feelings are weird, i don't know why i feel like this, i just wish it would stop.........

On top of that my poor baby girl Piper is being bullied at school, i so want to beat the little shit who is dong it to her, but hopefully the teachers have sorted it now.

Happier news now, Dave finally got my engagement ring, its gorgeous
Dave has decided that we are unofficially married now, Gosh i'm a wife, scary, lol, hope he doesn't think that it means we don't need to do it for real, hehe.

I love you Dave and our family so much xxx

(RIP To the past) 

previous entry: Mr & Mrs ;) (pics)


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[pinguStar] [reply]

Thank you, Pingu
Glad you like my ring, i do too hopefully Piper will be ok from now on xx
[Saucy SarahStar] [reply]