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Okay, let's try this again. I had an entry typed out and when I hit publish, it completely ignored my paragraphs so everything was just like one big run on sentence.

The kids went back to school on the 4th. They are finishing out the year in public school (that's an hour away from our new house now) and at the start of the 2017-2018 year, we are joining a homeschooling co-op. It is closer to our house, and I think it'll solve the issues Mattie is having in public school. That's a whole separate entry, though. I think it'll be best for everybody, honestly.

We are settling into our new home pretty quick. Kollin's room is the only bedroom that isn't finished yet, and that's because I am waiting for some things to come that I ordered on Amazon. We decided from talking to his ABA therapist, that because of his autism, he will do best in his own room. His whole room will be a sensory playground for him. I am most excited for the hammock swing that Jamie has to install. He loves his ABA lady who he calls "Miss Sarah," so I don't mind traveling two hours round trip for him to see her. Kollin is finally starting to settle down from the move. His whole routine was thrown off course, so that led to multiple meltdowns. We trucked through it though, and he is doing so much better now.

Gideon and Grayson are doing so well! Today they are 16w1d, and my belly is measuring 19 weeks. I feel huge! Still on track for a home birth. I just feel so calm whenever I think about it, that I know it's the right thing to do. I feel most peaceful at home and surrounded by my family, so that's how I want to give birth. My midwife did convince me to go meet the doctors at the nearest hospital though. She said, god forbid, if we have to transfer there, she wants me to be comfortable with whoever is taking care of the babies and me. Jamie and I met with the doctors and nurses on staff, and I think I love them more than the doctors at the previous hospital. They are so supportive of home births (which is rare to find in a doctor), and they are huge on mother/baby bonding.

Jamie and his friends purchased a home about five minutes away from our new house, so they are going to start renovating that any day now. They have one about an hour and a half away that just got rented out. The tenants paid a years rent up front, so that was nice. They also seemed interested in purchasing after the year was up, so we'll see how that goes. I kind of stepped away from being their 'office lady,' what with everything going on. It was getting to be too much on my plate. One of the guys' wives just quit her job so she could manage their properties full time. I am so thankful for her, and she is doing an amazing job so far..

I think that's about it. I need to go take a shower and hopefully get a quick nap in before the older kids need to be picked up.

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I'm glad that hospital is supportive of your choices. The one i deliver at is really big on mother/baby bonding too. Im 18 weeks but I swear I look 25 lol. I feel like it's really stretching lately. It must be crazy to be carrying twins this time! Can you feel 2 separate movements? [shelby :]] [reply]

The sensory room sounds awesome and like a great idea. I'd like a hammock swing in my room! lol

You always sound like you have so much going on but keep everything in check. You're seriously super mom. Keep on keeping on, mama. t [*Pixie*] [reply]

ryc: Yeah, everywhere we go we take them all along. I had to get a bigger vehicle or I'd be stuck at home when the baby was born lol. [8+usStar] [reply]