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the past four years have been the hardest. ive struggled with everything, one thing after another, from drug addiction to something as simple as choosing what comforter I wanted. life hasnt been easy, but in the end.. its definitely been worth it. last april I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure as a long term result of drug usage. laying in the emergency room, heart functioning at 5% or less, not knowiing if i was gonna see tomorrow.. literally scared the fuck out of me. after being rushed to the hospital, with the help of some amazing doctors and nurses in the cardio thoracic icu, i am alive today. my heart now funtions at 25%, hopefully ill have a full recovery and continue my life without a monster. its still a long hardlittle brother ismy life, without him.. id say fuck the struggle. i cant bare the thought of what losing me would do to him. there is nowhere left to go, except forwards.. no more setbacks.


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Once you've hit this far down on rock bottom, only place left is up. You're right. And if you really want it bad enough, you'll get there. Remember, the only easy day was yesterday. Hang in there, things will get better in time. [herfatalflaw3] [reply]

Welcome And I'm glad you're here - this is a great place to come and share your story. You got this! [septemberocio] [reply]