This is my life, in my own words.
by -- Impossible Is Nothing --

Here goes nothing..


This feels so weird. I haven't used this in forever. I rejoined cause i needed a safe place to vent and let out frustration.

I'm 26, married with 2 beautiful babies. My life is nothing close to ideal. I'm a stay at home mom currently saving up to get out. Which isnt easy. i hate that i even got my self into a predicument like this. my husband was in the army. he hit an ied 2 years ago and just isnt the same person. ive tried.. in my heart of hearts i know that once im financially stable enough to support my babies and get a place. that i tried. PTSD is a ruiner. the fact he refuses to get therapy or talk to somebody is a ruiner. he refuses meds that could help.. overall hes gone. The worst part is the kids see it.. they know.. and it sucks. Their relationship with him isnt the same anymore either.. my oldest goes to school and tells them that he wishes his daddy never needed to be a hero. </3 KILLS ME!!!!!!!!!!!

guess thats all for now.. ill come back on later.


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My husband has PTSD and I can relate ☹️ It's definitely hard to see the person he once was vs the person he is now. [Tracie] [reply] - [reply] - [reply] - [reply] - [reply] - [reply] - [reply] - [reply] - [reply]

PTSD is something so so hard to deal with and manage. I'm so sorry you and your family are going through that.

On a brighter note, welcome back to Bloop! I'm a recent rejoiner myself [kissin' kase surveys] [reply]

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