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we are the champions, my friend.


Piper took her first steps tonight! I'm so proud of my little muffin, especially after she had such an amazing first full day at daycare today.
Also, my "first steps at 11 months" guess was technically correct.

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Wow! Way to go Piper!! Was she standing on her own for long periods of time before she started walking? A while back I was sure Thor would be walking by 10 months because the way he was pulling up and cruising, but now I think he is no where near walking.

RYC: Thank you!! I'm not sure how I got so much, but while I was still on maternity leave when Thor was sleeping through the night I'd get up at 12:00am to pump. I was doing that until I went back to work. Also while he was with Tammy he was barely eating so a lot of milk got frozen then too. [*Pixie*] [reply]

She has definitely been working on her balance for a while... I can't believe the deep squats this kid can do! She gets her butt nearly to the floor (with flat feet) then back up again. She used to hold things to do it, but the last week or so has been able to do it free-standing.
I'd suspected for a little while that she was getting close, she'd just gotten so good with her balance, and she'd take one step but wouldn't follow through, so I knew she was physically able, she just had to wrap her head around it.
I'm sure that Thor will join the little steppers club soon enough... in a few weeks or months we will be begging them to slow down, quit running so fast. [girlsetsfire] [reply]

That's true. lol Thor squats like a pro, but always holding onto stuff. He actually stood a lot without assistance today and took one sort of step then fell. He's getting more confident. It's so fun watching them learn and do new things. [*Pixie*] [reply]

Wow that's awesome! My son didn't start waking until 14 months! [the best deception] [reply]

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