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Breakups, Men, and Metal


The last time I was here was when I was with Graham. He turned out to be a disappointment. I somehow found myself dumped. It was on the day before I was finally having a weekend in three months. A couple hours before I had to go to work, he comes over and tells me we're on different paths (cop out?) and that he thinks we should no longer be together. When a person no longer feels like they can be with someone or they get cold feet because of a big step, they should just say it. Although, honestly, I am in a better place because of this. I am happy, with someone more similar to me and with way less insecurities than him. We mesh quite well. He likes all the same things I do with a few exceptions, has a steady job. He's also in a symphonic metal band. I've been to a few of his shows and the crowds love his band. FYI if you haven't heard of Seeed you need to go youtube that up. He showed me that band and I'm totally into it. They're German but they do english and german versions of most, if not all, of their songs.

My iPhone died recently. By recently I mean at like 6:45 this evening. So about two hours ago. I have to say that Apple Care reps rock! I'm hopefully getting it all sorted out tomorrow. Woo woo

What's new with all of you?

previous entry: Life or something like it.


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Good that you're in a better place now. [SteveStar] [reply]

sometimes break ups can be the best thing!! glad it was for the best! [♥Mars.Foxx] [reply]