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the best decision for me


Well I finally made my decision and I will be teaching preschool instead of being an Ed Tech in the school system.  Mark was very supportive and listened to everything I put on the table.  He thinks doing this will be best for us.  I feel so bad about him paying for the majority of things right now.  I told him things will be back to the way it was before I went to the school system.

Speaking of the school... I ended up leaving early today because we were so over staffed it was ridiculous.  Most of the morning I ended up sitting around trying to come up with things to do to keep busy.  I went around the our wing and asked if any of the teachers needed help with prepping and I got no legit responses. 

I managed to get together some items I need this afternoon to start my paperwork with Carolyn. I think I have everything... I will have to call this week about my immunizations so I can get her a copy of that.

Holy crap the Super Bowl was CRAZY last night.  I thought the Patriots were going to lose, but they managed to come back.  I'm not sure HOW they made it possible, but they did.  I throughly enjoyed Lady Gaga's performance for the half time show as well.  I thought it was great! I know a few people did not like it though.  Since we have a drone now, I thought it was really cool the lights in the sky was all drones. 


previous entry: torn between my options


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