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I've returned!


Hi again.  I've been locked out of my old diary for eons.  Finally got it fixed, read all the angst and pain and promptly deleted it.  It was "claudzilla".  For those who remember me (and those who don't and are simply curious), this is what's what.

I am now 50 years old.  FIFTY.  I'm not sure how or when that happened.  But it has.  My body is acting every bit it's age...knee problems, cardiac issues and yes the joys of menopause!  My son is working and going to school.  He's aboutt to turn 26 (again...) and my baby is a beautiful, proudly bi 16 year old junior in high school (yes, a junior).  Still have our fur brigade, still working the same job (3+ years) and am coming up to my 20 year anniversary with my sweety.  Life has changed a lot and for the better.  

So add me to your faves.  Comment...or ask me a question.  I can't promise drama and hysteria...but I can promise you will get me!


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